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The NBA’s Dark Truth: Proof the 2011 Dunk Contest was Rigged

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The 2011 Dunk Contest Is The NBA’s Biggest Conspiracy!
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45 thoughts on “The NBA’s Dark Truth: Proof the 2011 Dunk Contest was Rigged

  1. The Conversation in the LAKERS locker room be like.

    Lonzo: Hi Lebron, I can shot lights out like Steph curry with a vertical leap of 40.

    Lebron: Hey, You want a sprite Cranberry?

  2. Hi Mike, I love your videos I watch them all the time nd they're great. I'm a Milwaukee Bucks fan and a midwest girl and as you know the Bucks only won one Championship with Lew Alcindor AKA Kareem. Can you please do a what if video of the Bucks never trading kareem. This video will make you the G.O.A.T. and you will make a Wisconsin girl very happy. Thank you

  3. DeMar got robbed twice he should have made to the finals in the first dunk contest also he was in the year before I believe? Plus Serge Ibaka is 6'10 take moment to grasp that in your minds how he defied gravity including his weight while coming off or needing surgery looks like a robbery P.S DeRozan never lost a dunk contest/competition until the NBA just a little fun fact pretty sure the commentators said it.

  4. Hmmm so everyone is surprised that Blake “The Snake” Griffin cheated? Really? Yeah and I didn’t kill my uncle in self defense haha let’s get real guys. Cats out of the bag.

  5. He ruined his argument with reason #5. 2 of his previous reasons had to do with contracts with kia. Then he said Blake had the idea before to use a convertible. No good argument to it😂😂

  6. Conspiracy of a different nature. You might not have a video on it yet. MAYBE but think about after pippen joined the Rockets with Barkley. And split after the season. In a documentary about Barkley there was a he said she said the MJ told SP that playing beside CB wasnt worth it because of his work ethic…. then also CB saying MJ said to him that that was all made up. Made me think maybe mj eanted to keep them both from winning a ring leavin CB at 0 and making sure SP sstayed with the original 6 rings and none extra

  7. I used to like watching the dunk contest back in the days with Jordan and such. Today it’s getting really hard to be creative above something we haven’t seen over the last 20 years, however some newish ones are still really nice.

    I guess the biggest differences is that it has become super complicated and for all purposes it purely for entertainment, it’s a show and I would expect there to be some scripting going on.

    I enjoyed the older dunk contests because you had actual NBA Champions and ALL-Stars competing, most of these guys have no hope of getting a ring so they better market themselves the best they can while in the big show.

    But that’s just me.

  8. have you seen the last several dunk contests over the years they brought damn cars and shit on the court you could already tell it was rigged cause people would have used every prop in the book by now if it wasnt

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