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The Most Unselfish & Selfish-EGO Plays In Football [ 😇 VS 👿 ]

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Leo Messi gave penalty to Philippe Coutinho | FC Barcelona 6:1 Sevilla FC
Lionel Messi Gives Penalty to Coutinho
Philippe Coutinho has thanked Lionel Messi for helping him regain confidence
Barcelona star Philippe Coutinho has expressed his gratitude to Lionel Messi for allowing him to take a penalty in their 6-1 demolition of Sevilla in the Copa del Rey on Wednesday night.
El Barça golea al Sevilla y es semifinalista de Copa
Salió con todo el Barça y le plantó, de entrada, cara el Sevilla sin achicarse. A cada ataque azulgrana respondían los andaluces y dio la sensación de encaminarse la noche a un objetivo imposible… Hasta que Promes pateó de forma tan clara como inocente por detrás a Messi en el área y el penalti lo transformó Coutinho.

43 thoughts on “The Most Unselfish & Selfish-EGO Plays In Football [ 😇 VS 👿 ]

  1. In the thumbnail Messi says take the fk or penalty like idk what it is but if u look closely they are winning 7-2 about to be 8-2 so like can we stop like riding on Messi because he’s so “nice”

  2. 3:18 any actual player that has a brain knows to do that it’s a tough angle shot on his week foot and right next to him is one of the best goal scores in the world of course he’s gonna leave it go

  3. Cavani is not selfish actually. If you watch the whole match its actually neymar who was saying . Give me the ball I will score a goal and you won't. Then unselfish Cavani said no I can do it watch me. Neymar left the pitch pissed as fuck. If neymar did the penalty Cavani would not give a shit. So watch the match before you take fake ass evidence off wikipedia.

  4. This is difference between Messi and Ronaldo. Never was Messi selfish in this video, or ever. Ronaldo was selfish almost all the time. Ronaldo may be good, but he is not humble. Only humble for fake charity.

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