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The Most Unexpected Knockouts In The History of Boxing

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Boxing is the most unpredictable sport, you never know who will win a fight. Today we will show you the most unexpected knockouts in the history of boxing that shocked all the fans of this sport.

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38 thoughts on “The Most Unexpected Knockouts In The History of Boxing

  1. Живёт человек и может кому-то сказать: "А знаешь, я нокаутировал Тайсона. Да, да, того самого, легендарного "железного" Майка!"

  2. И кто то скажет, что победа Бастера Дагласа, над Тайсоном, была незаслуженная или не честная? Абсолютно честная и заслуженная.

  3. This is Not the first of these videos that I have seen with the remarkably annoying heavy accented narrator commentator with a voice that is just hard to listen to. It is a mystery to me WHY this is the way it is if it is IN ENGLISH!!!!! If it is to be a translation then have some one that is an English speaking first language person do it. It DOESN'T MAKE it exotic or more interesting at all to have these frankly weird accents, which they are, narrating. But like so many things they just can't do it right. Anyone else agree?? I turn the sound OFF! One doesn't need the Stupid comments anyways.

  4. Many comment on the long count douglas got, but try to consider that douglas was listening to the ref and got up at eight. He was unaware of any long count, he just did what any fighter who's just been knocked down would do; he got up at eight. It wasn't his fault. I believe he would have gotten up at eight either way

  5. Didn't those judges saw that Marquez stepped his left foot on Pacquiao right foot? That's why the knock out came. Marquez did that cheating in every round.

  6. Buster could have gotten up before he did, he was going by what the ref was counting. The ref said 9 so Buster got up. Other than that knock down Douglas dominated the whole fight and Tyson literally got his ass handed to him. Leading up to the fight I always knew Tyson could be beaten if someone came in there and boxed him masterfully which is what Douglas did.

  7. Marquez proves to be too much for Pacquiao to handle. The older Marquez is far more superior and better boxer than Pacquiao. The fight is a mismatch. It's actually expected that Pacquiao got brutally ko'd by Marquez who is older and more powerful. Luckily Pacquiao survive the humiliation after being knocked out and shove his face on the canvas.

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