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The Jump | Reaction to LeBron saying Warriors stress him out? | May 26, 2017

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21 thoughts on “The Jump | Reaction to LeBron saying Warriors stress him out? | May 26, 2017

  1. The only thing that fueled the warriors was KD comming to GS… Lebron has curry and Klay and draymond figured out… u people are blind curry was scared shitless driving in because Lebron was there to meet him… draymond is a lesbian that don't know how to relax and just play… Klay Thomson will be annoyed that he's 3rd option when kd jacks up every 3.. klay gonna have a problem with it… as for KD… I wouldn't be surprise if they lost and joined the cavs lol

  2. Why are their so many haters?

    2015 finals Cavs up 2 – 0 with kyrie hurt and still playing. Love was gonezo. Other role players were injured too.
    Lebron was up 2 – 0 with most of his key role teammates injured. Warriors take that win happily.
    Lebron dominated the series anyways and not another soul could score on that cavs roster but he was playing hard defense so who the hell knows how he dropped 40 ppg

    2016 warriors are up 3 – 1. Lebron gets mad after he has a bad game. Wins it cause green and bogut is out.

    Just 1 little defensive player bogut.(keep in mind this year bogut is injured, so now the cavs are missing out huge) and that ruined the warriors. The warriors had 3 solid chances but still a way better chance. up 3 – 1. Still have all your players except 1. Cavs lost HOW many players in 2015? Cavs deserve this one like no other. considering the warriors were just better as a team.

    2017 – we're looking at a warriors that….just doesnt make sense. Their defense is stupid. They have KD. Cavs can not win. It just doesn't make sense. Cavs lost bogut and that is a KEYY KEYYYY piece in winnng against the warriors. They lost 7'3 tav in practice, and now…we have another fucked up finals.

    I hope no one gets injured….seriously. I want the cavs to win but i dont want the warriors to be injured either.
    Tired of this bullshit.

  3. Kevin Durant's move to GS (punk move) cannot be compared to Lebron's move to the Heat, GS was already a set-up championship winning team as where the Heat was a newly assembled team, previous to that the Heat hadn't won a championship since Shaq was on the team way back.

  4. Both teams should be stressed about each other. Both playing at an incredibly high level with some of the best players and shooters in the fame today. Both teams are healthy, should be a great series

  5. I hate LeBron less for being real about the stress and not posturing.

    You can be a great player and still feel stress, that's just natural.

    Homeboy just wanted to enjoy the moment and relax a little bit, before thinking about the next step. That is about as healthy an approach as you can get.

  6. I believe LeBron lacks self confidence…hence the greatness under pressure … he just needs to remember he s the KING of the jungle.. have that confidence ..everythinf else follows right down to the refs giving you every call .. I WANT him to win…its not easy at all…but the advantage is there ..ONE LOSS by GSW is enough to mentally crumble gsw for 2 round's..(would be their first)good! we saw Celtics ALMOST get away with 2 wins Just by winning one it's chess..players are human too…sometimes we play better mad…and sometimes we dont.. .sometimes when they talk smack it fuels you sometimes it breaks you.. .LeBron Needs to REMEMBER HE IS THE KING AND YOU CAN'T FOUL THE KING OR ITS AND 1 …PLUS HE'S GOT EXTRA 3 POINT ACCURACY..USE IT KING… YOUR REPERTOIRE OF OPTIONS ARE THE GREATEST IN THE LEAGUE… YOU COULD EASILY LEAD IN ASSISTS POINTS REBOUNDS without even making it a target to…how I wish someone could tell #LeBronJames this for me …

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