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The disastrous defeat of Prince Naseem Hamed

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In 2001, the famous Prince Nasim Hamed collected all available semi-lightweight titles. He owned the belts of WBC, IBF, WBO, and the title of RING magazine, which was rapidly gaining popularity among the major versions. The situation was worsened by the separation of Nasim with his long-time coach, Brendan Ingle. Hamed began working with the famous Emanuel Steward. But this wasn’t a bright student-coach tandem. Hamed reached the point when he must have faced a couple of big names in the sport. His record was perfect: 35 wins, 31 of them by knockout, with no defeats at all. Steward immediately rejected the option of meeting with Juan Manuel Marquez, considering that the style of the Mexican is too inconvenient for Nasim. However, he gladly accepted the option of fighting with another Mexican – Marco Antonio Barrera, who for the sake of this fight was ready to give up his WBO title in the second bantamweight and come to a new higher category…

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27 thoughts on “The disastrous defeat of Prince Naseem Hamed

  1. At least the prince fought real contender not like that punk Floyd Mayweather selling out his opponents with his money 💵 he paid off fighters like Pacquiao Coto Shane Mosley and it all started with Diego Karalas and Floyd Mayweather thinks and act like he the best in the world but still ducking the best fighters in the world aight aka 👑KingRichee

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