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The Celtics don’t want to play with Kyrie Irving – Max Kellerman | First Take

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Max Kellerman breaks down the statistics that prove the Boston Celtics play better without Kyrie Irving on the court.

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50 thoughts on “The Celtics don’t want to play with Kyrie Irving – Max Kellerman | First Take

  1. They don’t want to play with him and stand around on offense instead of making cuts because they think they’re superstars and they should have the ball and go iso and lead the team cuz of the media. Once Tatum goes toe to toe with KD, Curry, Westbrook etc etc and don’t back down then they can earn that right until then they need to STFU and STAY IN THEYRE LANE!!!

  2. When Tatum Goes toe to toe with KD without backing down.. go toe to toe with Westbrook and curry and don’t back down AND THEN maybe he can be the leader of the team, THATS THE PROBLEM, until he decides he can step up and be with the BIG BOYS they needa stop whining and stay in they’re damn lane!

  3. I hate to say this, but Max is right and Kyrie is getting a taste of his own medicine by how he did LeBron.
    I’m not excusing LeBron for any of his mishaps either.
    Kyrie is a great player and I hope that he make the right decision in this coming free agency for his career by being able to win more titles.💯💯💯

  4. Another problem with Kyrie is that –he is poor on Defense….He can't guard the likes of Lillard, Curry, Murray…. He is also over rated to lead a team to success…Look at his records with Cavs without LBJ. The Cavs didn't even reached the playoff in that span…

  5. OH !!! So , NOW they're hating LeBron AND Kyrie. Because , neither can do with their new team what they did in Cleveland . But , neither team was a title contender prior to their joining . Boston showed to be closer than L.A. for sure.

  6. Celtics coupe go 20-0 without kyrie and SAS wil still blame Hayward for how bad the celtics are… I understand kyrie is a closer that's nice but last time I checked a basketball game isn't 2min… lebron did all the hardwork abs carried the load and then let kyrie do his thang… and kyrie forgot about the yrs before lebron got there and let people like skip and SAS pump him up thinking he was ready to lead a team and that it must be easy because lebron makes it look easy… now he has to leave and team up with KD in NY or go back to lebron in LA… because we can all see now kyrie will never be the best player on a championship team

  7. If what Max says is true why did we have an incredible season last year, 3rd in the east? Its rising young talent thinking they deserve everything, sharing minutes with Hayward lingering off an injury, figuring out roles. Its not kyrie and everyone will point the blame there anyway.

  8. Kyrie's leadership or lack thereof is wrong with the Celtics. Celtics believed in their squad but the formula +/or chemistry is changed. So, the make-up of ingredients made cake into pie. Still, a good product but it's different in results and performance in its class. The receipt has to be tweaked to get them to work together when Celtics were happily playing like it was a piece of cake.😉. Damn, I am hungry for dessert.

  9. Uh, Hey numb-nuts Stephen Smith, the Celtics are the #1 team in basketball history, not your Lakers. And don't tell me how the Celts had so many titles that were won in the 60's. Five of the Lakers titles were won back when Jesus was still doing lecture tours in Omaha, Nebraska. The Lakers didn't even recognize those Minneapolis titles after the move to LA until they needed them to claim a rivalry on equal footing with Boston. Celtics ARE the pre-eminent franchise in the NBA and Steven A. is an idiot to make a statement like that.
    On a related note: Kyrie Irving is NOT a Celtic.

  10. Why don't Max ever say the team plays better without Heyward? Kyrie is battle tested. The man was clutch in the Finals for the Cavs and went to 4 straight NBA Finals. This theory really defies logic. (That Celtics play better without Kyrie) You build a team around Kyrie, you don't trade a Kyrie Irving. Unless he doesn't want to be there. You don't do a "this or that" between Anthony Davis and Kyrie. You bring in Anthony Davis with Kyrie and maybe get rid of Heyward. Jalen just said that Heyward scored 3 points and is highest paid player, but you don't see anything wrong with that because it is necessary to shift all of the blame on Kyrie so your guy can keep getting his check on the pine. And so it is not about building a Championship team but about keeping your homeboys employed. We've seen this before. C'mon man. I think Anthony Davis should recruit Kyrie to the Pelicans. The NBA culture has shifted heavily to a mercenary mentality. Mercenaries were warriors for hire that would go to different battles for pay. Loyalty is fading. But, GM's are probably more responsible for creating that culture. Case and point DeRozan in Toronto.

  11. Really great back and forth in this clip. I'm usually pretty unimpressed to be honest. Jalen and Max should get a show if this is what they look like bouncing ideas off of one another. No offense to Stephen A. though I used to be a huge fan of his years ago but maybe it was just putting him next to Skip Bayless and the difference in bball knowledge between them lol..

  12. Gordon isn't a shell of the player he was before the injury and that has hurt this team because they at least expected 20 pts a game from him and have only received barely 10 pts a game. Brown deserves to be a starter after his play from last year as well as Rozier and Tatum is the main reason this team has under performed. It's sad to see someone getting 100 millions of dollars and not playing up to that expectation they where brought in for, yet see other players on the same team playing better and not even getting their chance let alone sharing in the money!!!

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