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The Blitz: Surprise OTA Standouts For Dallas Cowboys | Dallas Cowboys 2019

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While there is so much focus on players that didn’t participate in the #OTAs this week, let’s not forget the ones on the field. Watch as The Blitz provides some surprising standouts this week.

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49 thoughts on “The Blitz: Surprise OTA Standouts For Dallas Cowboys | Dallas Cowboys 2019

  1. Dak is everything you want a franchise QB to be Just needs to improve his anticipation on throws. I used to think it was accuracy issues but he has made some seriously accurate, tight window throws in the past. He just needs that little quicker throw it to the out routes a little quicker. Of course that was some of Management faults for going into last season with barely NFL caliber receivers and a rookie Amari and Gallup will be good this year with Cobb and I bet JonVea makes the roster

  2. So KOOOL to see another “Old Skool” Knuckleballer fan, Bill ! Long time fan of your sports commentary too, but just one problem.
    Charley was still pitching at your age, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to lay off the Mexican food and get back into training mode. 😂
    On the other hand 🖐, Dave needs to stay off of tv PERIOD !!!! Talking over Bryan makes him look and sound like….well, Broaddus alone tells the story, but then maybe he and Mickey are getting a lil bit tired of the grind. Jmo.
    Thanks for the piece on WRs. Guyton reminds me of Patrick Crayton’s story, only he seems way more talented….and HE wasn’t exactly chopped liver either! Both are gonna be shaking up that group of pass catchers. Another guy I’d like to see get noticed is Derrick Puni and LAJr., ANOTHER couple shakers !!!! Again, just my opinion….Puni’s film actually reminded me of Erik Williams! This man had NO MERCY on his opponents.
    I hope Columbo can instill some of HIS nastiness into his young troops. Btw, seeing number 66 on the offense again is satisfying. I hope McGovern plays like… well didn’t that jersey belong to Kevin Gogan once upon a time in the super bowl era?!?!?

  3. i think zeke maybe a good dude just immature at times on top of that he is a cowboy the nfl has little tolerance for cowboys superstars especially zeke so i hope we can make it to the season with no suspensions

  4. I did not come to hear what you did. I couldn’t make it pass the first two mins of the show. I’m Interested in the COWBOYS not either of you. No offense. Get right to business and what we came for. 👎🏾👎🏾. I 🙋🏾‍♂️ was definitely one of the thumbs down

  5. I know it's non-tackling OTA's but damn did it seem like Dak was throwing darts to Gallup during the few clips of practice shown.

    He also seems slimmer than last season which is interesting seeing as his build has been the success of some of his toughest runs.

  6. J.V Johnson! ! Big RED ZONE THREAT ! Get him on the field. Dak has some many Weapons now.(( no reason)) why we can score on one every other drive. To the fullest. no mercy. Show em whos the best team in the nfl show em whos the best qb in the league

  7. It's hilarious . People doubting Dak when he's started every game, is never hurt and puts out a 96 qb rating. How many games have Wentz played?. Hows the qb situation lookin in the DMV? What about Eli and his twin?Everyone who still doubts Dak are just jealous. The dude was a 4th round pick and is balling out. Exciting times ahead for #4
    Let's go boys!!

  8. Jerry, make us die hard fans happy, sell the team to Jimmy Johnson. We need more super bowl trophies . Something we will never get with you and your sons in charge!!!

  9. If Zeke farts too loud Roger Goodell is going to give him a phone call. I honestly feel like my Cowboys are walking around with a giant kick me sign taped to their back and the NFL is just sitting back and lauging. With everything glued together ( contracts, performance and growth) this a legit contender but not if they continue to target Zeke. My flag is thrown, and yes it's personal.

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