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Team Highlights – Lakers vs. Bulls – March 12, 2019

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20 thoughts on “Team Highlights – Lakers vs. Bulls – March 12, 2019

  1. Why is everyone saying trade Lebron. Do the Lakers fans not realize that no free agents wanted to come to L.A before they signed Lebron. 5 years the Lakers did not make the playoffs. Kevin Durant wouldn't take their money, because he wanted to play with winners. Paul George said had the Lakers took interest in him and traded for him when he wanted to come he would have been there and signed a long term deal. Instead magic and pelinka wanted to keep their 2nd round picks which turned into Lonzo and Ingram. I would worried about who owns the team and who is in the front office because all the worried about is selling seats and making money. They ain't worried about trophies no more. That ship has sailed. Hollywood is too much of a distraction for anyone who is serious about winning titles.

  2. Honestly we have no shot at KD Klay Kawhi this year so our FO should just try and go after a lower tier guy like boogie/tobias harris and some shooters and a more experienced coach. That paired with what we have already should be good enough for a higher seed next year (maybe top 5)

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