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Super Bowl LIII Highlights | Patriots vs. Rams | NFL

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1080p 60fps highlights of Super Bowl 53 between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.

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27 thoughts on “Super Bowl LIII Highlights | Patriots vs. Rams | NFL

  1. Say what you want about this Super Bowl. I really enjoyed this one, there hasn’t been a defensive old school Super Bowl like this in a long time. Yes you can say that it was boring bc offense was at a premium. But I liked the defensive battle, it was just a matter of which team broke the tie and got the first touchdown. As soon as the Patriots got that field goal and made the game 13-3 I knew that the game was over. Great defensive efforts on both side of the ball. As I said it was just the matter of time when which team scored the first touchdown and changed the momentum.

  2. America found this superbowl boring cause the pats won. Rams would have won, and America be like wow!! The rams dominated this game what performance.. I understand America you're tired of seeing the pats going far every year, but if my team goes far I have to root for them.

  3. I haven't even seen this game yet, due to having to be in work early on Monday, i had to record it, but been a fan of football for thirty + years and always found the Superbowl to be the most hyped up and the most boring!

  4. Highlights? This vid was obviously made by a Pats fan. That pathetic display some people call a SB was the worst game of the entire season. The Rams didn’t belong there and the Pats didn’t even care until the fourth quarter. Brady had his worst game ever. As far as I’m concerned the Eagles are still the champions. The Pats never beat us so none of this means jack shit.

  5. To all the BOSTON HATERS I SAY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,whaaaaaaaa I want my mommy!!!!!
    Red Sox gunna repeat,,,,pats gunna repeat,,,,,,,suck on that losers!!

  6. This is how I prefer to watch this stuff. Hit the highlights. Skip the wasted 3 hours. Bam!

    What I appreciate the most though is all the mumbo jumbo about how boring this game was. It was excellent defense on both sides of the ball and there's nothing wrong with low scoring games except by the whiners who want to see big scores.

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  8. Three teams are better than the Rams:  Saints, Kansas, and the Patriots.  Any of the three could have at least scored a touchdown or two, or more.  The Patriots did.

  9. as long as Rodger Goodell Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick are in the NFL the other teams might as well just let it go because you can have almost won a football game but at the end some kind of trick is coming the only thing with Nick Foles and Jared Goff Nick Foles is a better quarterback and more sneakier than conniving than Tom Brady when it comes to getting the job done that Philly special is still stuck in Tom Brady's craw and and it's going to stay there from last year's Super Bowl they tried to tricks but didn't work last year so they come up with something new this year no call helmet-to-helmet just beat the hell out of the man so we can get out damn Superbowl we got Rodger Goodell on our side Fair football is dead and gone and buried👏👏👏👍👍👌👌

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