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Stephen A. on Sean Payton’s handling of missed call: ‘Enough is enough’ | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take break down how New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton’s handling of the missed call in the NFC Championship Game has been unfair to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the buildup to Super Bowl LIII.

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29 thoughts on “Stephen A. on Sean Payton’s handling of missed call: ‘Enough is enough’ | First Take

  1. Stephen A Smith should listen to his own take here. How many times has he or ESPN for ratings made an issue out of a previous error in sports come time for the Big Game. If Sean Peyton was a First Take analyst and employee he would be getting a raise for how he has treated this story and the SB. But Stephen A and ESPN aren't okay with that because he's the head coach and should just sit back and shut up and leave the talking to the hosts of First Take. Because they will deal with it and Sean Peyton is stealing their thunder for calling out the Commissioner when First Take wouldn't

  2. This take is so ignorant. Sean Payton spoke on this TWO times. Once immediately after the game, second time at his end of season press conference because he was asked about it. Stop complaining? Drawing too much attention to it? He’s spoken TWICE! Everyone keeps saying let it go, but the media won’t stop asking the questions. It’s not like the players and Coach walk out, find the nearest camera and mic and start spewing. I didn’t know speaking on something two times was dragging a topic out, not letting go, etc. Then bringing up Bountygate? Not expecting Payton to have a bit of a grudge? People have been giving Gregg Williams a pass ever since he went back coaching but for some reason won’t let Payton or the Saints live it down when every single team does the same thing. It’s so foolish. Use sense, people. It’s not hard. Yes, the people of New Orleans and the surrounding area have a grudge against Goodell & the NFL, but it goes beyond Bountygate.

  3. Yes they got robbed and they want justice, wouldn't you? It doesn't matter what the score was or who had the ball. That just was a historic no call and it'll be talked about forever

  4. Nothing wrong for sticking up for what is right. The NFL wants to go on its merry way at the Saints expense so they attack everyone as cry babies. There was something clearly unconscionable with the no-call. When Ref 60 tells Ref 13 not to pull the flag it is obvious there is some kind of agenda going on. They need to get to the bottom of this and find out what really went on with the no-call. I don't buy that is was just missed. Something sinister has happened and it will continue. Also, It's ok to call the legitimacy of this Superbowl into question because it's not.

  5. Here's the REAL DEAL and why the NFL (led by Rodger Goodell) is becoming the new WWE of football. In the WWE, you have referees that are trained to ACT(as in "acting") when making a call. In the NFL, you have referees that are trained to REACT(as in "not acting") when making a call. When you ACT(as in "acting") like nothing happened (2 obvious penalties in one play) then you might as well put the NFL referees in the same categories as the WWE referees. Goodell calls his referees "human." Well, so are the NFL players….yet the NFL players get fined for being "human" and the NFL referees don't? Notice that 3 referees in question (field umpire, sideline, and corner refs) have remained silent by the NFL and have not been disciplined/fined. Something is WRONG with the game of the NFL and it needs immediate correction. The NFL makes TONS of dollars (advertising, ticket/season ticket sales, cable/sat/streaming….and commercials) and the product user (i.e. the customer of the NFL) can't get a fair return for the product they have invested in but a TAINTED/RIGGED/FIXED type of result…..or at least that is the impression the NFL customer is left with except if they are an LA Rams fan. #TIMES UP…..time for the WWE to assume control of the NFL if nothing is done to prevent situations like this from happening again. The NFL needs to be doing the MOST it can to insure a FAIR GAME. If that means a longer game……SO BE IT.

  6. Tow that line Stephen. Glad they gave you the script to make it all a no big deal skit. Hated you already. Getting louder than everyone doesn't make you right you garbage human.

  7. We will shut up once the ISSUE has been addressed and resolved. When your house gets robbed, do the police tell you to shut up after failing to solve the case? Stephen A! Are you trying to sweep this under the rug? Well son,,,,there is NO RUG thats gonna cover this nasty!

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