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Stephen A. on LeBron James: ‘I don’t want to hear no more comparisons’ after Game 4 | ESPN

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Stephen A. Smith speaks after Game 4 of the 2018 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, saying of LeBron James “I don’t want to hear no more comparisons” after his loss in Game 4.

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34 thoughts on “Stephen A. on LeBron James: ‘I don’t want to hear no more comparisons’ after Game 4 | ESPN”

  1. You know how I know Lebron is that good y'all talk like Lebron is separate from the team. It's Lebron this Lebron that where the Hell the cavs as a Team at it's not just Lebron and the cavs it's the cavs. No one man can win a team you have a bunch of grown men always waiting on Lebron what he's gonna do no no no what the hell are you gonna do. Yea Lebron gave up he was tired physically, emotionally, tired of always has to be the one grown men acting like they can't do anything without Lebron which is a shame why the hell are you even in the NBA frfr. All this talk about KD yea he had to go somewhere else with other great players he couldn't do it in OKC so he went with a great team to do it. Now let's see what happens if Lebron gets with a great team with players that can play and won't need to wait on someone else to make a move first. I hope Lebron finds him a good team as well as coach and that they have good chemistry and than we will see. I mean a lot of great players had a great team they didn't have to carry their team either so it was a bit easier for them to be great. I love Jordan he's one of the greats but let's not act like his team(bulls) just sucked either he had a lot of great players u can say they were a super team yrs before Jordan was getting beat by Isiah All the time so don't act like Jordan did it by himself hell nah he had a Great team who has won and went to finals without Jordan. Can the cavs win and go to play offs without Lebron I think Not. When you can carry a team that's automatically great. If greatness is determined by rings than Jordan isn't great either it's Bill Russell with 11 rings now who's great okurrrrr if we talking about rings it ain't Jordan. Let's stop this non sense Jordan never had to carry a team, or KD and they had help from their teams. It's like they want Lebron to fail they have no respect for this man and his knowledge and love of the art of BB. Just like with Brady in football. I don't get people y'all want greatness get greatness just to tear it down what the hell do y'all want make up your crazy minds. Now KD's the man if he did it in OKC yea but he couldn't so he left to go to the already great team(warriors) to do it now he's "great". Lebron has won with or without his team now that's great. Miami a superteam lmbo who wade with his no knees, chris bosh I mean they were ok not super but they didn't suck either they sure wasn't no warriors, rockets, celtics. Lebron needs him a super team let's see what the warriors do than.

  2. 16 teams playing best of 7 finals on top of an 82 game regular season is way too much. TV producers should be banned from setting pro sport fixtures. Otherwise this dross will continue.

  3. Fuck you Stephen A and your gay lust for MJ. MJ had Phil Jackson and all the right pieces around him all of the time. LeBron had a H.S. girls coach and a motley crew of has beens and might be's.

  4. "This is the problem with "legacy"—a small word with big, sweeping implications. It considers only results and raw numbers—titles won, titles lost—and obscures all the critical details.

    It registers James' latest Finals loss as a personal defeat—ignoring JR Smith's Game 1 gaffe, Jordan Clarkson's ineptitude and, well, the sheer, overwhelming talent of the Warriors.

    And it omits everything else in the LeBron canon: the eight straight Finals, the superhuman stats, the fact that he was able to drag this sad-sack roster to the Finals at all." – HB

  5. I dont agree with the east is weak narrative, because the only team the cavs have faced in the finals the last four years is the warriors. last year the warriors steamrolled through the western playoffs and only lost one game and that was to the cavs.

  6. Not going to hold 1 game against LBJ down 3-0 to first ever superduper team

    KD (Top 5 player) killed nba joining already existing 73-9 superteam

    What's more impressive
    >LeBron Kyrie & Love defeating Steph Klay & Draymonds 73-9 team
    >KD jumping on to one of those Finals teams

    Maybe LBJ deserves technical criticism if 'lack of effort' Game 4 in a series needing a literal miracle, but look at LBJs overall playoff #s vs KDs overall playoff #s

    Most importantly, lookingat big picture, never forget KD in his prime joining already existing superteam reducing nba to a 1 team league like the koward that he is

    Warriors up 3-1 in 2016 w a Game 7 Finals lead. KD joined a team that can win without him #Remember

  7. Hey hey not because Cavs lose huh but LeBron james and Cavs will going to defeat the gsw some day you will going to shock because you have no respect to LeBron what because you always like curry huh what if you play basketball man can you do it huh not because you're first name is Stephen just shut up! because you are too nothing bitch

  8. Even though I like the nba this is why I stick mainly to college sports the cavs or warriors winning or losing ain't doing shit for us personally but we quick to be at each other neck over it, its starting to become boring …

  9. Stephen A is preaching the gospel, although Baby Bron Bron and his "boo hoo my hand was broke the whole time" needs to be trashed on for the way he acts and plays. He's no king…he's just a court jester!

  10. When LeBron threw JR under the bus, they lost the Finals. They would have lost anyway, but as a leader, you have to pick your team up. If a player makes a mistake like JR did, you need to pick him up and dust him off. Instead, he threw him under the bus, which showed the rest of the team that LeBron does't have anyone's back aside from his own.

  11. I don't agree or disagree with you. I just analyse your comments, words and semantic and body language.

    Everything is subjective, passionate and ego driven. It is your show and you deserve an award for the role that you play.
    Your comments seems like a rant. Be more objective, and fair. Players give their best. They are doers.

  12. Stupid thing is the media started this whole who's the next Micheal Jordan crap. Then they trash them on TV when they lose. It's not like Kobe, T-Mac, Iverson, Lebron and others even asked to be compared to Jordan in the first place.

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