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Stephen A. has an announcement: 76ers are going to Eastern Conference Finals | First Take | ESPN

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First Take’s Stephen A. Smith says he has an announcement: The Philadelphia 76ers are going to Eastern Conference Finals.

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47 thoughts on “Stephen A. has an announcement: 76ers are going to Eastern Conference Finals | First Take | ESPN”

  1. Stephen A had the Heat as his sleeper team in the East all along until Philli went on their 16 game win streak…I think Stephen A is a victim of his own bias…since he started out his career as a sportwriter for the 6ers covering AI. You flaky AF Stvn A. #HEATNATION. Heat in 5.

  2. A lot of people talk crazy when only viewing a few great moments of a long stretch from season through playoffs to finals…..remember when Jeremy Lin played for Knicks n he was exciting the Asian community w/ a few great games? uhm where/what is he doing now? the 76ers are rolling (I give them that) but remember Stephen A. the regular season is different than the playoffs. Players/Teams/Crowds/Arenas go into a different mindset like turning the dial: bad teams become great, unknown players become stars; However, what seemed good easily becomes aweful with the lack of not knowing the playoffs….

    so don't get ahead of yourself cuz they played well, Cuz in this game that court has a whole new vibe: you remove the season n step into the PLAYOFF ARENA {Where even those unknown teams/players like Simmons taste so much better}.

  3. I keep reading, "76ers getting too much respect by beating mostly trash." They had the 2nd best NBA record since December. Why the Philly hate when the Cavs are sub-500 against winning teams?

  4. Skip Bayless and I have the same Finals exacta finish but reversed. I got 76ers beating Thunder. If he's right, I still win $1.4K and more cases of Diet Mountain Dew if I wanted.

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