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Steelers Will Trade Antonio Brown | Time to Schein

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Adam Schein discusses reports that the Pittsburgh Steelers will trade disgruntle wide receiver Antonio Brown on Friday.


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22 thoughts on “Steelers Will Trade Antonio Brown | Time to Schein

  1. I dont see the Raiders giving up anything higher then a 3rd . imo i dont think any team will give up more then a 3rd pick for him. in terms of Wide receiver how many years does he have left not many . Let us not forget Terrell Owens . true he had lost a step but he was every bit in football shape

  2. Antonio has contributed extensively inthe turmoil that is a partake on him being shopped around the league , never the less people please get the narrative correct! Antonio showed up prepared to play in the last game of the season , Mike Tomlin informed him that his actions during the week were not ethical thus he was to be excluded from the game roster ! Brown leaving after being informed before the second half , not supporting his team mates emotionally on the side lines is a obomination I agree , but please fanatics stop changing narratives to appease your emotional , non objective ,blabber dude did show up to play ! Perhaps if more restraint ,and responsibility to conduct one self as a leader was put on ben we wouldn't have this sad soap opera,and brown wasn't such a petulant attention seeker , Tomlin an enabler, Rooney a blind contented soul, Colbert stuck in his ways that prevent adequate supreme growth, fan base " some racist , non objective , overly emotional , spoiled ,!!!!!

  3. To mitigate brown leaving for less than appropriate value would be a travesty in reference to solid objective business professionalism ! If the distinct draft pick isn't a top 15 selection it is the Steelers ethical duty to then maximize intelligent options that they have at their disposal by retaining browns services! It is not the Steelers obligation to help any other team to elevate their organization , stiff penalties ," fines,suspensions," are the ordanence that the Steelers have to unconditionally impose to ANYONE if infractions are committed and a lengthy human to human pow wow between all parties have to partake to dissolve the parasital bug that caused this civil war! I'd rather battle sinking or swimming with suffecient proven talent then have the glum non optional task of drowning because of a lack of talent that cant overcome strategy or talent of my opposition ! Enhance our chance for success by exploring rational manuvers meaning if the other teams won't compensate us even Steven then brown will have to remain a Steeler simple as that ,don't allow the optics to cloud our view !

  4. And by the way speaking of objective, rational , thinking we missed leveon bell last season ! We make the playoffs with bell last season , you think Ben throws an interception on the goal line at Denver as oppose to bell running the ball in that situation ! You think that horrible raider run defense harnesses bell , on national television in Pittsburgh no less you think the chargers contain bell , you believe bell fumbles late inthe first Cleveland game like Connor did ? You could tell that the weight of carrying the load in terms of expectations began to be a problem for Connor , the dropped passes vs the jaguars , bad blitz pickups , something bell is great at ! This could turn out to be another Barry foster case, a back who has a great break out season but expectations burden him to make mistakes as well as opposing teams having suffecient tape on him so situations he's apt to do a specific thing they are prepared to counter now ! The signs were there to see last season and to think that we would be better without bell , we'll have you fanatics forgot about bells playoff game vs musmi , and kc , bells 4 years of outstanding play " arguable" BEST RB IN NFL" three of those years , your not better without that stud and even in your emotional , confused , non objective coma, you KNOW IT !

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