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St. Louis Blues On One Heck Of A Glorious Run | Tim and Sid

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NHL insider John Shannon joins Tim and Sid to discuss the St. Louis Blues run to the 2019 Stanley Cup.

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29 thoughts on “St. Louis Blues On One Heck Of A Glorious Run | Tim and Sid

  1. I hope Blues win but Boston is no regular team. I dont like Boston but I could say without a doubt that Boston knows how to win and be a force to be reckon with.

  2. St. Louis is about to learn the true meaning of 'The Blues'.
    Binnington (the goalie) can block pucks… he just can't hold on to them.
    Bruins in 4 (no more than 5) games.

  3. It's tough to say who'll hoist the Stanley Cup here. Both these teams know how to win and win big.
    On the one hand you have Boston, a team who has won both their division and entire conference, and on the other hand you have The Blues who've also won their division and now their conference as well.
    One thing is for certain and that's the importance of getting pucks both to the net and in the net.
    Because bottom line, goals win games and at the end of the day games won is all that matters towards winning The Cup.
    Keys to the series, St.Louis needs to shut down Boston's offense and get around their defense and goalkeeper. The Bruins also need to shut down St. Louis in the scoring department and find the back of the net to keep their goal tally up.
    Should be a good matchup between two teams who've made it this far to be here.

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