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Sell Everyone! | Barcelona 3-0 Manchester United | United Review

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Another stagnant performance by Manchester United against Barcelona tonight at the Camp Nou. An early chance for Marcus Rashford gave us hope, but a sublime double in four first half minutes from Lionel Messi all but killed the game off by half time.

It was an uphill battle from the start, but in truth we never got out of second gear. Did Ole Gunnar Solskjaer approach the game in the right way? Was the starting 11 the correct one? And what in God’s name was Ashley Young doing (again)?!

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45 thoughts on “Sell Everyone! | Barcelona 3-0 Manchester United | United Review

  1. I would sign Icardi. I've had enough of lukaku and rashford, inconsistent. We need a striker with character and real ability. I'm not writing off rashford but I'd send him on loan so he can discover the type of player he is instead of trying to emulate Ronaldo

  2. Mate, I'll be honest with you. Apart from just a couple of players who are actually only half-decent (there are no world class players in our squad) the rest of our squad is just bang average.

  3. OUT:

    Should leave:
    De Gea


    Suitable INS:
    Either Icardi or Griezmann

  4. Why do all of you still talk as though Rashford is better than Lukaku? Lukaku is 10x the player Rashford is. Rashford is no striker, he is better on the wings. I'm getting tired of this.

  5. i feel so sad for De Gea seeing all the abuse he's getting. He's carried us on his back for the past 4 years and he deserves better. I hope he gets a move to madrid/juventus, someplace he has an actual chance to win trophies.

  6. We need to sign DeLigt, Alderweireld, Bissaka, Van Der Beek, Bruno Fernandez, Eriksen, Sancho, Griezmann
    Sell Mata Herrera Valencia Darmian Rojo Jones Fred Pogba Alexis Lukaku

    Bissaka DeLigt Lindelof Shaw
    Eriksen VanDerBeek BrunoFernandez
    Griezmann Rashford Martial

    Dalot Alderweireld Smalling Young
    McTominay Matic Pereira
    Sancho Greenwood Lingard

    Everything less than this means we will win nothing again, fighting for top 4

  7. Hay listen! We can't have high hopes with this team. You cannot hope from a world class player to have amazing performances when you have week links in defence. We are not Ajax. They know how to implement their game play. If Pogba wants to leave let him!! Lets concentrate on a team that wants to be UNITED

  8. It’s Jose’s fault that the team whom we beat in Europa final are in semi finals and we are out after humiliating defeat. Jose didn’t gave our players hugs and kisses, now this is the result.

  9. Massive, massive problems! It’s time to do a Liverpool (hard as that is to take). Two steps back to go three steps forward. Focus on youth, get our identity back, reset, rebuild, get everyone on the same page, and start again from scratch. If that means a couple of years in the wilderness, then so be it…let’s just get the fucking thing right!!!

  10. When the Glaziers buy a club they dun gives a shit what fans thinks or want or how the fish the club's players play, all they care about is the output of their investment, so dont expect major overhaul, if they stick wif Ole, maybe we can see major improvement in his second season and not the upcoming one, so I hope fans have faith and give Ole time, he will make Man Utd Great Again

  11. De Gea is well overated. He's just a matrix reflex keeper. He doesn't command his area or read the game very well and his kicking is ridiculous at times. 2 huge mistakes vs xhaka and now Messi. Very frustrating and sick of hearing people say he's the best keeper in the world.

  12. Is it just me or did it look like Young had 1 wooden leg. When he did any type of pass. It looked like he had to put all his weight onto 1 leg to generate any power. He was so slow and had now passing variation. So easy to win the ball off.

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