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Seidokaikan karate VS Taekwondo

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This is Seidokaikan Karate World Cup in 1993, the bout was between EX-Seidokaikan fighter Satake and Taekwondo Fighter Patrick Smith.

46 thoughts on “Seidokaikan karate VS Taekwondo”

  1. a bit pointless title in this clip..TKD vs Karate…the TKD man (who looks like K1 and MMA fighter Pat Smith)…uses low kicks and knees..of which TKD doesn't use and isn't allowed to use in its tournaments …. 

  2. oh I see it is Pat Smith, Pat was a good fighter k1 and ufc….Satake was a world kickbox champ him  and kakuda came our gym in OZ looking for fighters to take to the pre K1 first ever show in 92-93, they took Steve Superkick Vick and Stan the Man. Im a BB tkd, any elbows . knees and low kicks I learned back then were shit, wasn't till I fought in K1 rules myself & train muaythai oyu learn the real only way to deliver them. This is a fight of 2 great fighters with no head contact .both have better fights to watch

  3. O problema do Taekwondo é que ele é muito ofensivo, já o Karatê é mais defensivo e espera o contra-ataque. Além disso o Karatê é mais completo pois trabalha braços, pernas, joelho, cotovelo e luta de chão enquanto que o Taekwondo visa apenas as pernas

  4. Taekwondo is not so bad. I like the way how he fought here with the use of low kicks and knees. Yes the Seidokaikan won, yes you can say that Taekwondo isn't a complete martial art, you can criticize; but how can you it's useless. You think you can beat this one in a fight because he does taekwondo, that's stupid. He may be not the greatest fighter in the world but I think that he can beat a lot of internet kids who criticize everything behind their PC…..

    It's easy to come and to say "it's bullshit" or something like this. It doesn't need a lot of effort.

  5. taekwon-do itf >>>>>>>>>>>>>taekwondo wtf
    Thats because the taekwondo aways get lost, because all the time when i see a fight of taekwondo vs diferent martial arts, the taekwondo is the wtf.
    The itf taekwon-do is more complete than the wtf.
    Tkd Wtf is not a complete martial art.

  6. First of all taekwodo is a copy from karate…second it doesn't matter about the martial art but it's matter from the person who fights…taekwodo is a copy from karate at katas and the kicks and the punchies and a copy from the kick box punches

  7. Taekwondo is everywhere these days but if you want KMA that is pure self defense try Soo Bahk Do Tang Soo Do and Sin Moo Hapkido. Combine the two and Taekwondo would be rendered useless. Me I'm more interested in Japanese Jujutsu, Russian Systema and Chinese Gong Fu.

  8. Korean TKD fighter is just one man whose name is Park youngsu, former TKD Heavy weight Champion. this is fake Video. Japan usually force some Japanese or Korean kickboxers to fight in TKD style for hit…

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