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SEC Country Live, April 24th

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Jeremy Pruitt responds to the reaction to his controversial comments from Saturday.

3 thoughts on “SEC Country Live, April 24th”

  1. Why do you guys think uga and bama are so much better than auburn, after last year,and what's returning for the teams.especially uga?this isn't 2013 sec west,but it's still better than the east.scores may have been similar,but the sec championship game was much closer,then the uga vs auburn game in auburn.

  2. Vol fans are like the psychotic ex girlfriend that we have all had. They remember the good ol' days and think about how good they had it. Now that reality has hit them in the face and the relationship has soured, they can't look in the mirror and realize they are the problem. Until Vol fans understand that their football program is trash and has been for the better part of two decades, they are going to continue to be known as the worst fan base in America. What top-level coach would want to come to Knoxville if they know they are going to have the fan base turn on them when they lose to Bama, Florida and Georgia. What elite high school prospect would want to come to UT with the crazy fans and a mid-major coach? UT is a joke.

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