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Scottie Pippen reacts to LeBron calling himself GOAT: ‘You can’t say you’re the greatest’ | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Scottie Pippen of The Jump discuss Boston Celtics president and general manager Danny Ainge comparing Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James to President Donald Trump for LeBron’s comments about being the GOAT. Pippen, who played with Michael Jordan (often considered the greatest in NBA history) on the Chicago Bulls, reacts to LeBron’s comments, which were made on the E+ show More Than An Athlete.

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40 thoughts on “Scottie Pippen reacts to LeBron calling himself GOAT: ‘You can’t say you’re the greatest’ | The Jump

  1. I have said this before. Put Jordan with Magic Johnson on the Lakers and they never lose. Put Jordan with Larry Bird and they never lose. Leave king James on Cleveland and perhaps one or two championships. Kind of easier to win championships when you jump ship.

  2. Lebron travels, palms, carrys, and takes 4 steps lay-ups 100s of times every game and no fouls are called. GOAT at cheating and playing street ball, but not the GOAT in the NBA.

  3. There's only one person allowed to say he is "The Greatest" and his name is Muhammad Ali. LeBron will never get the respect he badly craves because to him, it is always about him. Basketball = Jordan, whether he likes it or not. He is not the face of basketball. You are the GOAT if you are, just like in any sports. It is what it is.

  4. Ummm Earl 'The Goat' Manigault??? When Abdul-Jabbar finished his career with the Los Angeles Lakers and had his number retired at the Los Angeles Forum, he was asked who was the greatest player he had played with or against and he responded by saying Manigault.

  5. I like lebron he could be THE NEXT greatest player but NOT AFTER FOLLOWING MICHAEL JORDAN ,i mean look at MJ plays i wish i could do that ,i look at Lebrons and yeah they are good but its not Michael Jordan . .here you have Scottie Pippen one who knows first hand who is the greatest, shit ,I still dont understand why people dont ,aknowledge ,dont know if thats how to spell . But aknowledge SCOTTIE PIPPEN ,in my opinon MJ AND PIPPEN were the grratest . AND FUCK TRUMP bitch ass ignorant billionare scumbag .

  6. Jordan left his team still made the playoff after he left. Lebron leaves Cleveland and can't even get 20 wins. Lebron never had a caliber teammate like a Scottie Pippen. Pippen Still carried the bulls to playoffs by himself

  7. Sometimes I dream, that he is me. You got to see that's how I dream to be. (Bom, bom, bom, bom, bom) Sometimes I move, (Oh I move) sometimes I groove. Like Mike, I wanna be like Mike. ( I wanna be I wanna be like Mike) Like Mike, I wanna be like Mike. Where's Lebron's song? Bron can't even top that.

  8. My gd this is a joke Le bron couldn’t get near mjs records so he gets contracts that players always pass to him – watch lebron games closely you will see his team mate will be right in front of basket even open shot and will pass to fraud Le bron we no wats in your contract – he’s a joke micheal got the ball a lot , but didn’t pass that much lebron couldn’t get the ball enough cause he’s obsessed wd mj records he does contract to pass to him every single fraud time

  9. Ok basketball is a team sport and the bulls team was great at that time including Scotty Pippen. Jordan did not win those championships by himself. Has Lebron ever played with a team that had the overall talent the bulls had ? I base greatness on individual  achievements not team accomplishments, not saying that Jordon don't have good stats, but as of today I think we could call Labron the G.O.A.T until someone else comes along. Remember there was someone else called the G..O.A.T before Jordon. If you don't believe in yourself who else is going to believe in you.

  10. Jim Brown was asked if he was the greatest running back of all time and he said, that it was not for him to say. Any body can say whatever they want about themselves but it doesn't make it true. Its up to the people to say. Not yourself.

  11. How does Donald Trump enter into this? It is because Ainge knows exactly what he is doing. Regardless of what LeBron feels about the President he cannot hide what calling himself the GOAT says about who he is, or, who he has become. Self-aggrandizing. A holier-than-thou attitude. The same qualities that made Donald Trump famous.

    It must kill LeBron that he and President Trump are more alike than they are different.

  12. Lmmfao 🤣 😂 so we can debate it but the the person we're debating can't be apart of the debate. Ha! Where does that make sense!
    I'm glad he said it.

  13. They way Rachel Nichols tries to justify the arrogance of lebron was appalling. There is a fundamental attitude problem with many people in North America/Canada and the US. All the GOATS in every craft in whether it be sports, music, pro gamers have never called themselves the best. The second a star claims the title of Greatest of all time by there own words in a public forum such as in a ESPN documentary or even a youtube video for that matter is the second they fall from grace. In my eyes arrogance begets corruption the second you've titled your self the GOAT another player will come and take your title its a sign of disrespect to the other players in the league. maybe im looking to far into this and maybe lebron will prove his arrogance i dont know this was just my take on this situation; but as a famous man once said "there is always a faster gun".

  14. Lol why does that bitch sound salty that Scottie is giving Lebron criticism? Someone want that lebron 🍆. Scottie spitting straight facts and she finishes it off with “another man in front of the camera giving his opinion” as if there wasn’t anything egotistical about lebrons “opinion” agahahabaha

  15. MJ never called himself the greatest player ever. When they told MJ he is the best, he replied that in all these years in NBA he missed 9000 shots. The only thing that LeBron proved is that he completely lacks any self-reflection. He is in love with himself. I am afraid MJ is not only the better player, but also a far more educated individual.

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