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Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras: Wimbledon fourth round, 2001 (Extended Highlights)

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37 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras: Wimbledon fourth round, 2001 (Extended Highlights)”

  1. How many Wimbledon titles would Sampras have won if he was playing today and had to face Murray, Nadal, the Djoker and of course Roger? He will be lucky to win One..

  2. This is Federer's original game! Influenced by Serve and Volley, like Pistol Pete. This is such a great match to watch and learn one of the most effective strategies used in tennis

  3. I prefer young Federer with less topspin that gave opponents less time to react to his ridiculous placement. Maybe he did it to cope with Nadal on clay but I prefer the old style. His serve has gotten smoother though, looked a bit Sjeng Schalkenish here.

  4. 萬乘之國,兵不可以無主,土地博大,野不可以無吏,百姓殷眾,官不可

  5. How I wish these two great players were in the same generation. What I would not have given to see a Federer in his Prime play a Sampras in his Prime in wimbledon in the 90s. Serve and Volley Vs All Court. Sigh!

  6. My two favorite tennis players, I will always think back then that Sampras should have won that game… because Federer did not win that year Wimbledon and Sampras could have if it wasn't for Federer… ohhh well what an mixed fealings

  7. Interesting how Federers face has changed quite a bit from 2001 to 2018. His teeth gumline has receded quite a bit and his chin has grown dramatically! Hmmm how does that happen?

  8. Little did we know what this man was about to do in the next 17+ years. "First man ever to win 8 wimbledon singles title", only mistake the comentator made was say Pete Sampras instead of his opponent. No disrespect to Pistol who is an all time great.

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