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Rob Parker reiterates Steph Curry is 'overrated,' talks Zion's future & Lakers | NBA | THE HERD

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Rob Parker joins Colin Cowherd in studio to discuss last night’s NBA Draft Lottery and the NBA Playoffs. Hear why Rob doesn’t think Zion Williamson has the makeup to refuse to play for the New Orleans Pelicans, what the Los Angeles Lakers will do with the 4th overall pick and why he’s doubling down on calling Steph Curry overrated.

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Rob Parker reiterates Steph Curry is ‘overrated,’ talks Zion’s future & Lakers | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

33 thoughts on “Rob Parker reiterates Steph Curry is 'overrated,' talks Zion's future & Lakers | NBA | THE HERD

  1. Only problem with that… Anthony Davis leaves after you've given 4 supreme draft picks and a good wing asset. So you're either under valuing your current inventory or over valuing how you window shop.

  2. Steph is slightly overrated but he absolutely like top 20 if not definitely 30 all time. Top 5 point guard. he literally changed the way whole teams play the game he's not a pure point like CP but with a shot like him who needs to be?

  3. God I love this so much! As someone who has been a fan of New Orleans basketball since we first got our team in the early 00s, this pathetic reaction by national media is the reaction I have always dreamed of! Go Pels!

  4. It confuses me when these analysts are saying where has Steph been? He’s led the Warriors in scoring the past three years with KD. He is the clear leader of the team and one of the top 5 players in the world. The only thing KD does better than Steph is dunk and he can play in the post. Stephs a better shooter and ball handler. The Warriors record without KD should tell you something. If they lose Curry they aren’t winning a title. Without KD I still don’t see anybody beating them. Maybe the Bucks maybe.

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