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Red Bull Rampage ‘Revealed’ Pre-Show

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► Tune into Rampage 2018 tomorrow, October 26!

6:48 – Darren Berrecloth LIVE from Virgin, Utah
15:49 – Hear From Gee Atherton
31:26 – History Of Rampage
32:32 – Hear From Kurt Sorge
1:06:11 – Brendan Fairclough Gears Up
1:18:00 – Rebecca Rusch Shares Her Rampage Experience
1:24:26 – Darren Berrecloth On Cam Zink
1:30:55 – Finals, When And Where?
1:31:11 – Best Moments Of Red Bull Rampage

We’re coming to you LIVE from the mountains of Virgin, Utah with the official Red Bull Rampage Pre-Show. See how the dig crews and riders picked their lines, and take a trip down memory lane as we look back at some of the best moments from Rampage of years past.

The red rocks of Virgin, Utah will once again host the biggest test of guts, skill, and creativity in mountain biking. An elite group of 21 riders will bring their best manmade lines into the 13th edition of Red Bull Rampage.


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  1. These commentators are barely able to string a coherent sentence together. Appalling. So much bullshit coming out of their mouths it stinks.
    Please RedBull, sack these hacks. Hire a speaker that can make complete sentences that make sense.

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