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"I'd have gone on and got him off the pitch!" | John Terry, Pablo Zabaleta & Jamie Redknapp on Kepa

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John Terry, Pablo Zabaleta and Jamie Redknapp discuss the astonishing incident between Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa and manager Maurizio Sarri, with Terry saying if he was manager he’d have gone on the pitch and forced Kepa off.

How should Sarri deal with the Kepa situation? Let us know in the comments section.

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24 thoughts on “"I'd have gone on and got him off the pitch!" | John Terry, Pablo Zabaleta & Jamie Redknapp on Kepa

  1. Chelsea board and owner give the players too much power that's why this will continue to happen in Chelsea fc, Chelsea is the only club in England manager don't have a say if you tell the players there mistakes they will definitely rebel against you (manager) nasty club to manage

  2. Mourinho would have thrown an island of waterbottles at kepa. That will ease pogba's burden of being mourinho no.1 player to throw under the bus……in the past of course

  3. Make him train with the juniors like that grub Mourinho did to basti for no good reason. Then after training with juniors sell him for a packet of chips to China

  4. Well,what Kepa did it is really unacceptable,but I blame Sarri as well,during training for this game,I am sure he speak with the players about tactical startegy,and one of the points should have been an consideration what if the games goes to penalty shoot-out? He has to make it clear that i want Caballero in the goal for the penalties,or forget about talking this in training but he had time to say it after 90mins,because like this first started like Kepa is feeling pain and in doubt if he can keep playing,it happened two times during the last minutes of second extra time,so maybe he was thinking "Ok,the manager wants to change me with Caballero because i am injured (but in fact i am faking an injury to waste the time for penalties).so im just making him clear that i am feeling fine.

  5. Definitely, his act severely is out of courtesy. He's too young anyway & needs more psychological & mental training. Some stuff happens any way out of control & being prudent in these conditions are hard sometimes. But he shouldn't have done it. He did a childish act.

    Warmly greating from Iran

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