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NFL Stars First Career Touchdown | NFL

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47 thoughts on “NFL Stars First Career Touchdown | NFL”

  1. I know y'all are thinking "where's Aaron Rodgers?" Look Aaron Rodgers first td was in 2007. My computer can only download videos from since 2009. Meaning I can't download any videos in 2008 or 7 or 6 and beyond . So that's why I can't get great players first td like Fitzgerald or Johnson. Also I got Brady, Peterson and Lynch's first td on YouTube so it was easy to find. Aaron Rodgers first td is not on YouTube. There is a video called Aaron rodgers first td on YouTube, but unfortunately that isn't Rodgers first td. I know many youtubers are able to download any videos from anytime, but I can't do that. So please bare with me.

  2. Are you f**** kidding me?! How in the hell do you not show Matt Ryan's first touchdown pass?! It wasn't some boring 2 yard pass, it was a 62-yard strike and it was his very first attempt in the NFL!

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