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NFL Most Penalties In One Play

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NFL Most Penalties In One Play

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47 thoughts on “NFL Most Penalties In One Play”

  1. WHAT?! No 1993 divisional round KC vs Houston Oilers? Fight on the sideline, 4 fouls, offset, no ejections. Good old days. A real fight too not pussy obj tossing a ball then apologizing

  2. I know it's not NFL but I feel like honorable mention has to be given to the TCU-Baylor game where everybody (yes, literally, every single player) was assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct after a bench-clearing incident.

  3. The offsetting is a definite problem with the NFL rules: Personal foul, unsportsmanlike conduct, number 34 of the defense, decapitating the quarterback. Personal foul, taunting, number 12 of the offense. These penalties offset. Replay 2nd down. -_-

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