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NEW 2015 DC 41 Super Max Denny Crine HR Derby

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New 2015/16 DC*41
Denny Crine Himself swinging his new 2015 model at the 4 The Fallen HR Derby at Del Castle Park in Delaware.
First 5 swings are with 52/300’s
LAST TWO swings are with Pure Evil 53/600 STADIUM BALLS!

5 thoughts on “NEW 2015 DC 41 Super Max Denny Crine HR Derby”

  1. Yes Denny, Dave Miller, Jermaine and Ryan Parfitt from Easton were all there hitting the HR Derby. I got paired up with Dave Miller in the final round.  I'll have his video up by tonight or tomorrow.  Come hit with us this winter in the cages. Where we hit is literally walking distance from your place off of 322.

  2. So I bought the old DC 41 in September and barely put any swings on it.  While I'm obviously no Denny Crine…I am excited to crack the old DC 41 out again in the spring!

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