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NBA Players React To LeBron James Signing With Lakers and Leaving Cleveland Cavaliers!

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NBA Players and Celebrities React To LeBron James joining & Signing The Lakers – Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and More! LeBron James agrees to 4-year, $153.3M deal with Los Angeles Lakers which causes NBA players & celebrities to react!

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31 thoughts on “NBA Players React To LeBron James Signing With Lakers and Leaving Cleveland Cavaliers!”

  1. LeBron James welcome to the Los Angeles Lakers everybody love him and that there and celebrating for him because he is the best basketball player ever and he will win the championship here with the Los Angeles Lakers and it will happen.
    The fans love him so much here at Los Angeles California. The Kings James is here .😀🏀🏀🏀 🏀

  2. People hate Lebron cause he left but last time I checked for the past 3-4 years he went to the finals yeah he didn't win but still he did what he said I'll bring Cleveland and title. With him joining the Lakers maybe 1-2 titles but getting passed the warriors in whatever round it is I'm not sure about playoff brackets but if the Lakers do play the warriors in whatever round it's going to be interesting but then again the warriors are op they have too many young and talented stars to make alot more title shots without a doubt warriors will most likely be there again

  3. kobes a top 5 player ever but he's fucking stupid lol… lebron aint winning shit. cancerous agenda and his fans/media reps are absolutely moronic … hes blinded by his team USA connection with him.. the guys a stat padding loser with 6 finals losses and burns bridges everywhere he goes in a career long ring chasing collection of failure and manufactured fraudulent titles that he only won because of teammates hitting bail out shots or guys being suspended. if kobe was a TRUE laker fan he would rather they have held onto randle and kept building this young core together. now its a kickstand for lebrons legacy and everyones gonna either be thrown under the bus or traded away. d'angelo/clarkson/nance/randle are all already victims of chasing/landing lebron. and ingram will be gone in a year as well since they want ESTABLISHED VETERAN STARS like kawhi leonard or damien lillard. they're not winning anything anyway due to the warriors all being prime and landing cousins ontop.. its stupid to try and win now with a 34 year old lebron james. they're going all in for a 3rd-4th place finish. in 2-3 years lebrons finished and they have to start over from scratch again like its 2014 again. this is all just for publicity/to sell tickets/get another big tv contract… its why they gave kobe max dollars after his achilles tore. the lakers know exactly what they're doing. its a business first and jeanie has to please all the buss kids now that jerrys gone. the days of going over the cap to retain players is over. KOBE YOU NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP

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