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NBA Analysis love to make ideals a fact

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22 thoughts on “NBA Analysis love to make ideals a fact”

  1. I agree with everything Karceno said. The greatest on YouTube. Facts. But he’s right. NBA press and analysis brain 🧠 washes the public with no chill. And it’s a shame. It’s bad for basketball 🏀 and sports period.

  2. That’s just like how those idiots love to tell u how LaBitch can “guard 5 positions”… oh really… well tell me … WHEN THE FUCK HAS HE EVER DONE IT!?!?!?!??.🤔🤔🤔….That’s like saying u “can” hit the lotto…. or u “can” be president… my dude until you’ve actually done it h can’t put that shit on ya resume… FOH… but being that all these idiot analyst love to tell u that the dumb ones repeat it and believe but the dude has NEVER done it… and if he truly could how come he wasn’t covering Tim Duncan in the finals when he was killin Miami???? Or why was he running from guarding KD!?!?!?

  3. It's for real people are stupid and don't have their own opinions it is like Michael Jordan everyone talks about the 90s but MJ came in 84 and even in the 90s hakeem olajuwon was better Clyde was great Charles was great but they don't mention them you know why because the media was all over Jordan nuts go to the 2000s tim Duncan was arguably one of the greatest players of all time but they talked about shaq more kobe closest thing to Jordan but he didn't pass how didn't he pass when he was in the top 1 or 2 best non points guards with the most assist in history and during that decade smh people are sheep and will continue loving lies instead of opening their eyes and ears

  4. Of course they said what Lebron needed to do for years. Everyone kept saying Lebron needed to get his ass on 1 of those blocks and get a back to the basket game and they still say that. They also said he needed to work on his outside shooting and he did

  5. I was waiting on u 2 touch on this.U r exactly right on Anthony Davis, facilitate 2 whom.N.O really killed their chances this season by not resigning Rondo and Cousins

  6. Anthony Davis suppose to be a Charlotte Hornet. NBA own the NO Pelicans and had hard time seeking them with no superstar (after Chris Paul left for Houston, before that was denied trade to LA Lakers). The hornets was bumped for the no one pick.

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