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Nate Diaz storms off stage after Conor vs Khabib announcement; UFC Press Conference LA Highlights

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UFC 25th Anniversary Press Conference Highlights.


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42 thoughts on “Nate Diaz storms off stage after Conor vs Khabib announcement; UFC Press Conference LA Highlights”

  1. Anyone can see the damage Nate has suffered. He needs medical help. Can't believe Dana White would let Nate step back into the ring. Dana White and the UFC cares nothing about their fighters. It's all about the dollars. You suck ass Dana White, nothing but a vulture you scum bag. Dana White would run from the least of these fighters. #danawhitepunkassbitchmillionaire

  2. Diaz is underpaid because he is not white it's very simple fools. lol not because he is racist but the redneck/ computer tough guys Want to see what they are not the opposite lol.

    American white males have insecurity problems

  3. I hate those reporters talking to the UFC champs like that!
    First of all stand the fuck up! Show some respect, those guys shed blood and tears and work their ass off! Secondly, you didn't have the guts to do what they can so stop asking any over provoking question which you already k ow the obvious answer about.

  4. it is all about the business of making money that's it . i like the entertainment but that is all it is . a real fight is far from a ring or octagon
    they are sports men but money is money why is the first thing out of connor mouth is how much he made a fighter is a person who only cares about the fight .who cares about a money bitch

  5. I mean Nate has only himself to blame, he got two fights against Connor and didn't manage to raise his value in UFC almost at all. You have to grab your chances when they arrive and Nate is just to fucking stoned to realise he has so many opportunities.

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