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Nadal Clinches La Undecima At Roland Garros

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After Rafael Nadal’s 11th Roland Garros triumph, relive each of the Spaniard’s championship victories at Roland Garros.

18 thoughts on “Nadal Clinches La Undecima At Roland Garros”

  1. Every time I hear somebody saying that Rafa's carreer is done or over I just have to take it like an hillarous joke.
    And then comes Rafa again to the top and wins more Masters or GS and make them looks like fools.Yeah Rafa make them feel like fools!

  2. People just admire this guy, put aside your preferences and admire him.
    He has won the same slam for an 11th time, Bjorn Borg has 11 grand slam titles, Agassi has just 8, only 4 players have more than 11 grand slam titles and he has 11 slams at one tournament. It's just incredible, i remember Almagro getting frustrated and telling his camp in 2008 that Rafa will win RG for the next 40 years 😂.
    The level of commitment to the game required to win just a one title is just extraordinary, he has played with the same amount of passion every year since 2005 here it doesn't matter to him whether he's won this 11 times he'll come back here next year and work for his 12th just like he's working for his 1st. His dedication, hard work, and passion for the game is unmatched.
    He'll go down as the greatest competitor in the history of our sport.
    He's the King of Clay, and long may he reign.
    Vamos Rafa! Wimbledon is the next target now.

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