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Muhammad Ali – All the Defeats of the Legendary Boxer

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Cassius Clay, later called Muhammad Ali is a person who needs no introduction. During his career, he carried out many fantastic fights. Having started as a self-confident boy, he became the true legend with an army of fans worldwide. However, like most outstanding boxers, Mohammed had defeats, too. Today we will go back to the past and remember the difficult moments in the career of the greatest boxer.

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22 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali – All the Defeats of the Legendary Boxer

  1. И кому такая легенда нужна с отбитой головой?Видел его присутствие на трибунах, турнирах(не в живую конечно)сидит себе такое существо,вроде зомби,никаких эмоций, движений, просто живой труп…

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