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Military Officers: Army ROTC vs. Navy OCS

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Official Nick Bare video of Military Officers: Army ROTC vs. Navy OCS

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Nick Bare spent 4 years active duty in the US Army as an Infantry Officer. Bradley Bromlow spent 5 years active duty in the US Navy on a submarine. Learn the differences between their routes in ROTC and OCS.

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28 thoughts on “Military Officers: Army ROTC vs. Navy OCS

  1. 2 purple hearts, two bronze stars, msm, arcom. PL for two years, XO for a year. I miss my men. We raised hell together.

    Commissioned RA through Army rotc with scholarship, airborne, air assult, ranger, combat infantry expert. Deployed to Iraq twice. I still have my arms and legs, but medically discharged due to hearing loss.

  2. what do yall feel about chaplains of yall's respective branches. i'm prior army active duty enlisted. it was therapy going to church n talking to chaplains after the constant abuses of the nco's. i am interested in becoming a navy chaplain. i am 40 years old.

  3. Sorry about that . Had some super mature friends go on my office computer and comment on videos . Was a long day/night . I did serve . I think he thought it was funnier in person. It wasn’t .

  4. Nick, I’m a senior in high school, and I’m going to begin my journey as an army officer this July at West Point. I’ve been watching your videos for a few months, and you’ve inspired me to be the best cadet and future PL I can be. Thank you for creating such awesome content!

  5. i love the army and later joined it but to compare both
    the navy is the toughest, i did my navy divers course in 2014 and it was no fun, because your drinking seawater from Day 1 till the end of the course
    sea is not meant for the humans its for the fishes…lol

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