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Michael Jordan's assassin mentality means LeBron-MJ debate 'never existed" – Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take explain why Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and not LeBron James. Stephen A. argues the debate never existed because LeBron did not come into the league with an “assassin’s mentality” while Max Kellerman focuses on their NBA playoffs careers, but recognizes the debate will never be over among NBA fans.

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42 thoughts on “Michael Jordan's assassin mentality means LeBron-MJ debate 'never existed" – Stephen A. | First Take

  1. It is refreshing to see so many Jordan fans like myself. You see so many young players being compared to MJ. Everybody want to be like Mike. There will never be another.

  2. There where's never was a debate discussion bulls never lose 3 games in a row fantastic feat all time feat 72 in 2 3peats but 17 season warriors 16-1 may stand for 70 years swept bad Cavs but can lose to Boston Toronto Milwaukee okc Portland wolves

  3. Iverson was the best to be honest, he gave everybody for play tit for tat, AI is the goat..Jordan outplayed all opponents, so did Kobe, LeBron outteamed all opponents no matter the teammates..AI EMBARRASSED ALL,embarrassing people is truly unforgettable

  4. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, Steven a. Smith finally sounds intelligent and interesting LeBron ain't Jordan never will be. Jordan dominated the league took off 1 1/2 year and came back won 3 more titles. It can be argued that the bulls would've won 8 straight titles, New York never won a series against Chicago while Jordan was there and Jordan's NEVER LOST IN THE FINALS

  5. All star game – This would be worth viewing!!!
    1.only one player /team can be an allstar
    2. captains pick the team regardless of "East or West"
    3. The winning teams players team get 3-5 wins for their regular season winning.
    Now the allstar game means something. This game will mean as much as any finals game!
    Now the East West captains will choose smarter and picks based on how to win this game not… cause he is my friend…

  6. Kobe did not come into the league an assassin he also developed into an assassin he didnt have the same skills as MJ, 60' something points against Bird and co. twice in playoffs even though he lost

  7. Who the F cares who the Goat is. Can all of you please shut the F up already and just enjoy the sport instead of pitting one player against another. This conversation is F’in beat to death every time the news has nothing to speak about.

  8. Assassin mentality … when you can´t back up your arguments with actual facts so decide to resort to bullshit. And did I really read someone post that KOBE is better??? WTF are people watching?

  9. I hate when people say yeh he's a better overall player than Jordan … well yeh that's what we're saying ? Does being an overall better basketball player not mean better player ? I'm confused

  10. Light skin dude is wrong as hell!, he drank to much James juice like most of yall, I'm in LA, James ant funky enough, We take Shaq over this Dude, we got ride of Shaq and Kobe. Please light skin guy likes James over Jordan LOL,,,, stupid as hell, you like Nash was MVP ot Kobe then got destroyed James can when with Oat Riley running point lol he said that shit I was done. Brig back Eddie Jones Lol!!!

  11. Cherry picker. There's no argument (to him) so, therefore, there no argument. LBJ is better all round! EASY! Put LBJ in combination with Pippen and the rest of that crew, GAME! 6 rings too!

  12. Other teams watching MJ walk on the court was as intimidating as being on the witness stand and a mob boss staring at you………not blinking……….once. And witness response, "I don't remember." That's intimidation. I don't get that from LBJ.

  13. Who cares. Just be happy to see some awesome ball. The GOAT will always be speculation. So many other great players who are playing right now. But no one talking about them.

  14. Yeah Stephen A, I sometimes do agree with you because you can't hide behind the bush just like Lebron do. Talking and not doing enough… can't fool all the people all the time as the great Bob Marley….

  15. For the love of god, saying Jordan is still the GOAT is ONLY nostalgia…that's it! It makes no sense that everything in this world gets better, more advanced, and progresses every decade, EXCEPT athletes?!?!?!? Athletes are stronger, faster, more skilled, etc etc etc….Lebron, Kobe are BOTH better if not much better than Jordan ever was….period…. My cell phone is much better than the phone I had in 2005, and so are the damn athletes….case closed….period.

  16. How dare kids compare MJ to Lebron ? They just don't understand 90s basketball and what happened to the world in that time. The globe itself was a basket ball thanks to MJ…and without any social media whatsoever.

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