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Miami Heat vs Charlotte Hornets – Full Game Highlights | Oct 2, 2018 | NBA Preseason

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22 thoughts on “Miami Heat vs Charlotte Hornets – Full Game Highlights | Oct 2, 2018 | NBA Preseason”

  1. Miami looks like a playoff team BUT just give the Timberwolves whatever the want for Butler . I mean come on.. Name one player on Miami that is as good as Jimmy butler? I can't think of any. Jimmy butler could turn into a a legit Superstar if he plays for Miami. I like J Rich but he isn't Butler.

  2. Hornets fans are so happy, team is looking good, balance with all age levels. different matchups at positions and players for the first half and the second half when its crunch time. Hornets can lose the first half, but win the game in the end

  3. Miami will sure straggle in the end cause hassan is tired.they must have hassle big man even without hassan . Winslow is short for his position. he is slow.he just can shoot 3 that's all.poor decision on the court.

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