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Max sounds off on report that Kawhi Leonard prefers Clippers over Lakers | First Take | ESPN

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First Take’s Max Kellerman sounds off on reports that Kawhi Leonard prefers to play for the Los Angeles Clippers over the Los Angeles Lakers because he doesn’t want to be “second fiddle” to LeBron James.

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36 thoughts on “Max sounds off on report that Kawhi Leonard prefers Clippers over Lakers | First Take | ESPN”

  1. I understand why he wants to leave he's no longer Spurs top priority or franchise player anymore if this was Kobe or MJ they would be doing anything and everything to keep them from leaving, When Kobe asked from a trade from the Lakers, Lakers weren't dumb enough to let him leave instead they did everything in their power to make sure he stayed instead the Spurs have happily shopped and talked trades for Kawhi. For someone to be the best player on the 3rd best team currently in the NBA and the 3rd or 4th best dynasty team in NBA history right behind Celtics and Lakers and where ever you place the bulls and for him to be ranked on top 10 some ex-NBA players/people have started putting Kawhi 6th or 5th in top current NBA players. Back in 2014 the debate was between Kawhi and Lebron. The debate has shifted drastically for him, Since then you have had players that haven't even had the same accomplishments as Kawhi that are getting put above him. for example people have started putting AD and James Harden two players who has never been to the finals, has never won a finals mvp, never won a chip, and isn't even a back to back DPOTY above Kawhi some even started Gianis right under him. At what point if your Kawhi's shoes do you say if i'm the best player on 1 of the best teams in NBA history is should be number 1 at the least number 3 I shouldn't be any lower then that. since 2014 almost 5 years later you had Iggy win 3 chips and finals mvp, KD win 2 chips and 2 finals, mvp, along with a MVP, Draymond win 3 chips and DPOTY, Steph wins 3 rings and 2 MVP's 1 was unanimous along with a 3 point chapmipon, Klay win 3rings along with 3 point champion, and soon Boogie will have a ring.Other players who aren't even close to Kawhi to have won more or same amount then him like JaVale Mcgee , Zaza, Nick young. At this point its laughable to him. Kawhi biggest accomplishment was winning the finals and becoming finals mvp in 2014 (almost 5 years ago) So far for the past 5 years Kawhi has sacrificed his play style for the Spurs and hasn't been to the finals in almost 5 years and has only made it to the conference finals once 2015 lost first round to clippers, 2016 lost 2nd round to OKC, 2017 made the western conference finals and got swept, 2018 lost first round to GSW.

  2. I don't get it. Why would you play for the little brother instead of Lakers. With the clippers you won't see the play offs for while Lakers by far bigger market for shoe deals and bigger fan base world wide. I call bullshit on the clippers

  3. Kawhi and His uncle got played by Magic ….. His uncle telling Kawhi, "The Lakers will LOVE you, you will be a hero for bringing life to the franchise….Sadly for him, LeBron was thinking the exact same thing and beat him to it…… I think now he's stuck and knows staying with the spurs are his best option, but knows he already caused so much damage…. Talk, man… explain yourself! San Antonio needs you, fool

  4. First off y’all need to stop just stop. Yall keep saying Kawhi said this said that he hasn’t said shit … it’s the media saying he said stuff just like with Tony Parker they were good the whole time

  5. Some Guy named RBthe breakthrough is speculating this fake news on his you tube channel. His fans are as delusional as himself. If you make a comment on his video he disagrees with, he deletes it in a second.

  6. How can Kawhi be an all time great already?? He's won 1 championship on a team that had Tim Duncan then after that he was amazing in the regular season for a few years and now he's bailed on one of the already proven greatest franchise's in history AND Coach. He has alot more to prove in order to be regarded as the best in history he needs to win without the Spurs and LeBron James.

  7. Kawhi Letards camp is a bunch of cuckolds ruining a autistic boys career, not only was it a bad move to announce the city that he wanted to be traded to with 1 year left on his contract, but they did it and actually think Leonard has the option to sit out all next year and bully an NBA organization that is paying him millions. This is something new that the NBA has never seen a player do and mr autist and crew are going to end up with a massive lawsuit for breach of contract worth two years of his salaries and even risk being ejected from the NBA by the commisioner. Autist boy should have never let his handlers run his show, they clearly fucked up.

  8. 0:03 now that SAS said Kawhi preferring Clippers is not what he's hearing, I'm convinced that he indeed does prefer the Clippers. SAS is spits as much bullshit as Ramona Shelburne and some random ass anonymous reporters.

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