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Matt Barnes offers advice to Zion in the NBA & says refs should ease up on KD | NBA | THE HERD

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Matt Barnes joins Colin Cowherd to talk all things NBA. Matt gives advice to Zion Williamson entering the NBA, thinks refs should ease up on Kevin Durant, says the Los Angeles Clippers are the best destination this summer and Ben Simmons needs to ’embrace who he is’ to become a consistent player.

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Matt Barnes offers advice to Zion in the NBA & says refs should ease up on KD | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

25 thoughts on “Matt Barnes offers advice to Zion in the NBA & says refs should ease up on KD | NBA | THE HERD

  1. Coward is by far, by a landslide, the absolute worst sports dude on television. Just a year ago, every day, Coward sucked Lebron off….Just a year later, KD is by far theeee best player in the world and Lebron should retire….its lame AF! Btw. Whats up with these "sports analysts" not telling the "TRUTH" about Jordan! He didn't leave bc he wanted to….He was forced out!

  2. Kawhi Leonard is not "that guy." The Raptors have a good team, and Kawhi Leornard is not proving to be a difference maker. If the Raptors don't make the NBA Finals, Kawhi stock will take a huge dip.

  3. LeBron James has probably ruined his legacy joining the Lakers. The next 3 years are probably going to be miserably unsuccessful, because LeBron is only an average player who is almost useless when he doesn't have the ball in his hands, and this is what people are going to remember LeBron for. This is not the 90's. People today only remember the latest.

  4. These guys are making a stupid argument for college basketball. If the NCAA needs to make moves to get people to watch NCAA basketball, then the athletes should get paid. Period.
    Either it is just kids having fun on the court or it is a business. if you are going to make it a business, then you MUST pay your employees. If Jews were the majority talent in NCAA athletics, I can almost guarantee that they would all be getting paid and controlling the programs. African Americans are the worst group in America when it comes to capitalizing on their talents. The worst.

  5. The Refs just doing they Job. Like they always have. The Nba is more player friendly than its ever been. KD gets extremelt disrespectful towards the refs so it's no surprise he gets a hard time.

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