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Masters 2018: Take aways from Patrick Reed, Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods’ performances

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SportsPulse: Nancy Armour and Steve DiMeglio on what Patrick Reed’s first major win, Jordan Spieth’s big Sunday and Tiger Woods’ Masters return means for upcoming tournaments.

10 thoughts on “Masters 2018: Take aways from Patrick Reed, Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods’ performances”

  1. A 2:19 video. 1 minute 11 seconds talking about the champion, the runner up and third place who had an incredible chase of 8 under, COMBINED. 1 minute and 18 seconds talking about "one person we (haven't) talked about" and who was completely irrelevant over the tournament.

  2. Humans are fascinating creatures. I've spent more than 29 years studying Humans. Just when I think the Humans can't surprise me, they usually do. Youtube is a place where I can consume many videos created by the Humans. At times it's fun, other times, it can be a learning experience. There are so many Humans on this planet, it's ridiculous. Either way, I exist among you. I'll continue to take notes and study the Human species.


  3. My take away from the Masters is there are at least 10-15 players that can win on a given Sunday. It's just who gets hot that decides who wins.

  4. EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOTHER makes me sick when they think that it is the year 2000. The correct year is 2018.  Tigar Wood is not going to win again.  Face reality, dummies.

  5. Who the HELL cares about T Woods??? Too many other great stories…Tiger is irrelevant…sickens me tiger this thiger that…that wife cheating drug taking scum was pumped up to possible WIN the MASTERS…no friggin way did he have a chance!!! Media sucks…all they care is $$ and ratings…bottom line…..TIGER SUCKS

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