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Mackenzie Dern: UFC Win Showed Me ‘I was Meant to Be There’

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Mackenzie Dern speaks to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour about her UFC debut at UFC 222, defeating Ashley Yoder, what’s next for her career, and much more.


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40 thoughts on “Mackenzie Dern: UFC Win Showed Me ‘I was Meant to Be There’”

  1. People trying to defend her – it's not just her accent that has changed. (It's rare, but it happens. It's whatever). But her command of the English language has completely changed. She went from speaking perfect English to broken English. That's not normal.

  2. I think what makes her fakeness so obvious is that she knows all the correct words and has a big vocabulary but purposely pronounces words incorrectly or uses wrong tenses. I can speak her too if I try. “I use to speaked English when I was child but now I not so good. You know, I forgetfulness”.

  3. Im gonna start talking like a Mexican who has only been learning english for 8 months. Why? Because this is me. If I wanna throw away everything Ive learned from the english language since birth, Im allowed.

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