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Luka Doncic makes GMs regret passing on him l The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen and Nick Friedell of The Jump discuss Dallas Mavericks rookie Luka Doncic’s amazing start to the season and why opposing teams are kicking themselves for passing up on Doncic in the 2018 NBA draft.

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35 thoughts on “Luka Doncic makes GMs regret passing on him l The Jump

  1. Being from Europe I was watching the guy before NBA. By the age of 18 helped his team win the gold medal and by the age 19 he was the Euroleague MVP AND Euroleague Finals MVP. I don't undertstand really where the "risk" was..

  2. U definitely need a fact check about ghost from past of Europe, Luca is playing next to the greatest euro player in history of NBA(Dirk),not to mention that several other have played in San Antonio, Sacramento,,yeah he confident, young and will be another great,,lol ghost of Europe, what a laugh! And for as Nelson goes,Donnie is a great scout ,him and his dad does and they tend to draft Euro players that not greedy at contract time

  3. I like watching him play. I don't think he'll end up on the same level as MJ or anything, but he'll probably end up top 50 or even 25 when it's all said and done. If he was just a little more athletic or a better defender (not that he's terrible) he could end up top 10.

  4. I just hate reading those stupid comments about Europeans.

    If there are

    50 College-Players (America)
    10 Players from Europe

    in the draft and 5 College Players but only 1 European becomes an All-Star (or only a good player) then its still the same relation between failure and success.

  5. Luka is fearless and already a star. He is making Atlanta regret trading him for overrated Trea Young who looks more like a bust going forward. Doncic is already the Mavs first option. It looks like Dennis Smith is on the way out.

  6. In my opinion, these comments are unnecessary because you can't bash on NCAA or Euro players because they're all good in their own right. I remember awhile back that Kobe said starting out young in Europe they teach people the fundamentals of basketball and it isn't as much of a priority in the US; you can tell just by watching Doncic he doesn't play at lightning quick speed but he has the fundamentals down and he uses them with high quality. We should also mention the Euro player, Drazen Petrovic that tragically passed away in the 90's, this guy was coming from Europe and even a player like Clyde Drexler said this guy was incredible and Reggie Miller said he was even a better shooter than he is. We're all aware ball in the 90's is much different than it is now being that it was way more physical, but Drazen did extremely well playing over there. As far as Luka goes, sure he may not be able to get better as he "peaked" already, but just by watching him he's not the most athletic guy, but he still holds his own out there. He's a professional athlete and I'm sure he will always be working on his game in the off season, as an example, what if he decides in the off season that he would improve his quickness then hires top level trainers to get there. I'm not sure about everyone else, but if he were to focus on developing his quickness he would be an even scarier player. We really can't say who will be a better rookie, the only way to find out is wait 3-5 years and see where the top three players are in the NBA. Look at Greg Oden, guy was a beast in the college and then he goes to NBA, his injury rating turns to 15 and then he can't even make it in the NBA because of that. Right now, we should all enjoy this rookie class, see how well they do and hope none of them suffer career threatening injuries.

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