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LSU got beat in the trenches by Alabama: recap

Total Video Views: 15430’s Jeff Duncan and Brody Miller recap Alabama’s 29-0 rout over LSU.

27 thoughts on “LSU got beat in the trenches by Alabama: recap”

  1. I called it before the game that LSU o line can't block us but they sure could hold us they held us all night and got away with it. LSU on the road not a good team at all Texas A&M will smoke em

  2. #GEUXTIGERS!!!! but that was sad both Bama fronts top notch protecting the ball and finding the ball that was an amazing showing..I haven't seen tiger shut down like this in a long time… My question is whos man in the kicker?

  3. First of all, the majority of Bama fans saw the win over LSU coming. No surprise at all to Bama fans. LSU fans, reporters like you, as well as some of the players were blindsided by the false flags you all created about Bama: 1.) Bama is overrated because of their "weak" schedule. 2.) Bama because of their "weak" schedule is no match for LSU defense, especially LSU secondary. 3.) Tua hadn't faced a defense like LSU and would be shut down.

    You all simply missed it. It's not who Bama plays on the field because Bama has its own set of high standards for each player in a game. It's called the "Process." Even though Bama beat LSU 29-0 Nick Saban was still talking about in his post game interview of improvements needed on both sides of the ball. Bama play is based on measurements set for each player position.

    Coach O said it best in his post game interview that it had nothing to do with their scheme of x's and o's. LSU just got beat. Underestimating your opponent will get you killed every time and that's the bottom line. Shout out to TJ LSU Dad.

  4. For the love of Jesus! LSU got beat in just about every single aspect of the game! This, has got to be most horrendous defeat for the LSU Tigers in recent memory! Our recruiting will suffer a mass exodus in the next few weeks!

  5. Alabama got past the only secondary that can cause Tua problems. 4 NFL future draft picks in the secondary is a very tall order for a college QB to come out on top against. Unless Alabama's injuries continue to pile up, I don't see anyone beating them.

  6. Saban has had his job in the SEC the longest, right?

    Can't beat Saban, go to another conference. Kirby shouldn't have taken his dream job as his first….

  7. Holding all night long (with the refs obvious permission) and couldn't score a point all night long. Wow LSU. Y'all really were something lol.

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