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Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers 1st Half Highlights | 11.03.2018, NBA Season

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LA Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers 1st Half Highlights | 11.03.2018

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28 thoughts on “Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers 1st Half Highlights | 11.03.2018, NBA Season”

  1. LA improved this game – both offense and defense. Able to run set plays. Defense improved this game. BTW: Go back to my post and find my statement about LA getting a big! They did. Yeah – I said it!!

  2. lebron isn't good tonight Mcgee and rondo give credit for tonight victory hope ur game tommorow will be good than tonight….lebron tight ur defense and more agresivenes on offense bec. ur playing like a low clas player tonight please improve bec. many people expecting u a high performance n every game..

  3. I feel like some of yall are retarded. The man is averaging 27.8ppg 8.6reb 8ast which is above his career average. Yall talking about he should hang it up? What kinda bullshit are yall smoking?

  4. Everyone hating on the Lakers in this first half video, but they damn near blew them out by 20 points in the 4th quarter. McGhee got 6 blocks…again. Bench is producing…they’re fine. Go talk about the Rockets lol lol lol or OKC both supposed to be top 3 in the West eating ass at the bottom right now.

  5. How was that a better play. LeBron is not a good free throw shooter and I thought he was a pass first player. A facilitator. I guess that's a lie. I didn't know facilitator set iso plays for their selves. I thought they set up iso plays for other players. I guess he wouldn't get an assist if he truly played like a point guard. What a joke?

  6. Saturday night the Trailblazers had by far their worst 3-point shot percentage this season. They also tied for their highest turnovers this season. They missed so many uncontested 3-point shots and and gave the ball away with no defender on them all while playing at home. The Lakers are the fourth worst defensive team in the league and Again a team has a season-low performance just in time for the LA fakers. Coincidence? I think not. Teams have to play this bad in order for the Lakers to win. Certain teams have agreements with the NBA, flopping and making games close so that LeBron won't look so bad. Ask yourselves, why do teams always have extremely high turnovers and extremely bad 3-point shots when facing the Lakers who are the fourth worst defensive team in the league? Since NBA players are not great actors 3-point shots and turnovers are the easiest to fake when flopping. The NBA especially now that gambling is legal needs an investigation Bureau. Right now they could do anything they want and no one with know.

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