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Lift The Car Off The Baby | Yosemite Higher Spire Free, Part 2 (VR180)

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Pitch 4 is the technical crux of the route. The hardest single climbing on the wall now graded at 5.13+. Rock climber Ben Rueck takes a VR journey out this exposed, overhung, and very muscular pitch and shows how it’s climbed. Ben successfully freed this pitch which had never been done before during the summer of 2018.

Climbing Higher Cathedral Spire in Yosemite Valley is an achievement for any climber. The Regular Northwest Route was first climbed by Yosemite climbers Royal Robbins and Tom Frost in 1962. 1200 feet tall and packed with challenges, the climb established them both as two of the world’s leading climbers. Until 2018 the route had never been free climbed when Kevin Jorgeson and Ben Rueck set out to do just that. Watch in VR180 as these two Adidas climbing athletes take on the challenge of freeing one Yosemite National Park’s most classic climbs.

Directed & Edited by Jeff Rueppel, Advanced Yeti Productions Co-Producer Abbey Smith, Unknown Artists
Staring Athletes Kevin Jorgeson and Ben Rueck
Technical Rigging Ryan Sheridan and Chris Seefoo
Ground Support Priscilla Mewbourne
Special Thanks to Pete Takeda, Dusty Reid, Lena Palmer, Sterling Ropes, La Sportiva USA, Osprey, Rock & Ice, Touchstone Climbing, Digital Stoke Media


Best viewed in a VR headset.

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