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Lifestyle Of A Loner

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It seems fitness tends to draw in people who consider themselves introverts, loners, etc. Here I discuss my thoughts of this personality type and how I’ve changed my way of thinking over the years.

38 thoughts on “Lifestyle Of A Loner”

  1. everyone thinks im an extravert because they see me only in the weekend than im social, but when its not weekend i have to be alone and recharge my batteries. fitness and playing videogames. It looks like Nobody understands me.

  2. I've been looking for a video like this for so long. I love being alone. It helps me improve and become a better me so I can communicate with others. It's so refreshing and recharging. Thank you for this video!

  3. This hits so close to home! I consider myself very introverted and spent most of my time alone. Ironically I feel lonely when guests are around the house compared to when I am alone.

    I do go out and socialiae every now and then, but I puch prefer to go out with a verg good friend or 2 to a cafe or something similar, rather than to a pub or shisha bar.

  4. How can I deal with people who doesn't accept who I am ? My family, the closest to me, don't accept the fact that I'm a loner. They don't like this and I keep getting into serious troubles with them, they always take it wrong, they just can't understand the fact that I'm a loner. And this is just affecting me very very very negatively. They are dealing with me as if I am sick or something and they think that they can change who I am.

  5. Nice video.. I'm a complete loner myself .. took me a while to figure out.. when I was younger I was quite the social butterfly.. but now in my mid 30s I am just in heaven when I'm by myself .. also small crowds r lovely.. it's weird.. cos when I'm around people at work I'm quite the entertainer.. and clown.. they always invite me to things.. I never go.. they always say I look like so much fun but choose to spend most of my time alone.. I guess we all just different.. I usto think I was crazy.. but not anymore.. I think in life u must do what makes u happy.. Great Video.. thanx ..😊

  6. My night has become a YouTube adventure. A true adventure.
    A few hours ago I realised I have been a loner all my life.
    I am 23 now and have been working for the last 1,5 years and my brain was basically turned off. Autopilot. I want a soul mate but I cannot socialise. Im not ugly or poor (both categories of people can find happyness). But I am alone. All my life. I never cared, Im emotionally dead inside. The fact that 12 years after discovering YouTube I have finally started seeking information about my lifestyle. I want to travel, most likely solo. Hopefully find love on the road. But i'll doubt i will ever leave my comfort zone. I feel doomed but not depressed. I tell myself that the loner life is what I chose so I can atleast sleep for very few hours but I have never had a female friend or girlfriend and am a strong mind so i'm not just gonna end my life. But I do want to live, and im hoping some random stranger will give me the courage that I most likely will never live up to.

    But considering it took me, a self described reflectionist who ponders all day, almost 12 years to seek guidance I am afraid this comment will never reach the light of day. Greetings, Marciano Hakkeling

  7. Judge less love more ❤️ just be you , do you. No such thing as a loner….it’s all a thought….just let it all go…let the childhood stereo types go .

  8. My weekend and alone time…I wake up and cook delicious meal, play with my pet, grow some plants, go to the book there, find subway sandwich to eat, ride a bicycle for exercise, eat dinner at cute restuarant I find along the way home, bake cookies, doing diy stuff, watch netflix until I sleep, repeatation of all above…and then one day someone come to me making sad face…say " must be lonely…"

    Me/ WTF is lonely?

  9. I have battled with being an introvert or loner most of my life, but more so after a divorce. I am not close to my family and I have no friends! I am popular at work and get on with almost everyone, but like you have pointed out, it’s what others say that makes you feel bad about yourself and question things. I am on my own all the time and dislike being around people. I have just ended a short relationship with someone who was lovely because I want to be alone! I am middle aged too so that adds some pressure.

  10. so true, introverts need to be alone first to summit all that energy to be social. there are so many points you touched resinates with me. really appreciate the video. thanks :)

  11. im so used bein alone , when im surrounded by people, i dont feel really myself
    …..and ive been rejected by others and treated like shit so that adds up more to the actual personal experience
    nowadays more like a misanthropic loner …cuz i hate ppl especially those that disrespect me

  12. I'm an Introvert, but I do talk to people and enjoy company sometimes. But I mostly like to be alone in home and analysing things. My sister is an extrovert, I just find it so hard to go out with her, she can't stay at home for more than 24hrs… she always criticizes me that I'm antisocial, pathetic, and things like that if I don't go out with her, then she gets upset… Have you ever been criticized by extroverts?

  13. SAD/APD + Extrovert/Ambivert = My own worst enemy.

    I would love to be happy while alone, but I feel better around people. The only problem is feeling inferior/unwelcome to everyone. Yes, not a few groups, EVERYONE. That wave of false animosity and perceived judgment puts me in a bubble, but once I feel accepted and know people are open to me, I can talk for hours and vibe almost effortlessly.

    I admire introverts ability to be content with being alone and entertaining themselves. I gotta be around people to fully enjoy anything. There may be sometimes that I don't wanna talk, but deep down I know I'll need it.

    Stand tall, introverts. You're a lot stronger than most of you realize.

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