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LeBron on NBA Finals loss, hand injury and his basketball future

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After falling in the NBA Finals, LeBron James revealed how he suffered a serious hand injury after Game 1, what factors will go into his free agency decision this summer and why he came back to Cleveland.

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43 thoughts on “LeBron on NBA Finals loss, hand injury and his basketball future”

  1. He wanted to prove he's the best player in the world by playing with a broken hand on 3 attempts and failed miserably! Jordan played with a stomach virus against Malone/Jazz and trounced them anyway. Lebron's broken hand excuse is nothing but a escape goat. Escape by GoingOnAnotherTeam.

  2. I'm not sure he will leave Cleveland. I mean at this point of his life, like he said, he will choose family before his career. His boys are at an age now, when moving them to a new place could have dramatic effects on their future. I wouldn't be surprised if he stays and focusing on getting his son to the nba

  3. LeBron will never be on the same level as Jordan !!!! … a Basketball player or as a Leader.
    Lebron uses the "Hand-Check" to push people out of the way, it's technically a foul every time he does this, it's become 2nd nature for him to foul and then whine like a little Bitch……

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