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LeBron James discusses starting at point guard, win over Bulls | Cavs Live postgame

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LeBron James full postgame interview after the Cavs defeat Bulls, 119-112, despite poor first-half defensive effort.

39 thoughts on “LeBron James discusses starting at point guard, win over Bulls | Cavs Live postgame

  1. The team is new and people don't understand they got to mesh together the season just started and LeBron chose to play PG tonight and 119 points comes as a team not just LeBron but I'm loving our team Cavs and miss my boy D Rose he need to hurry up and come back

  2. Lebron's a better point guard than most of the real point guards in this league lol. Dude can start at any position and do the job better than guys who've been playing that position all their life. That's nuts.

    Cavs gotta iron out there issues though. Lebron is still carrying so much of the load at 33 years old in his 15th(i think?) season. Come on now. This was a great game for Lebron. 34 points, 13 assists with that kind of shooting percentage is fantastic.

  3. LeBron needs to stop hogging the ball and let the point guards be point guards. When IT and D Rose get back I better see them with the ball majority of the time. IT and D Rose not carrying the ball is like Shaq shooting 3s.

  4. LeBron trying to bail his bum ass coach out, b/c he likes him. he'd never try to bail Blatt out like this. Not saying he blamed Blatt either but he was never praising of Blatt or had his back. the team Blatt had NEVER "disrepected" their opponent on defense. these nigga just do not wanna defend for Lue, and Lue cant bring it out of em clearly, no debating. This team now got way more than enough talent and IQ defensively to LOCKDOWN easily top 5-10 defense. he aint a good head coach end of story

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