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LeBron is only Lakers player secure after 'disappointing' season – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

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With Los Angeles Lakers’ 2019 NBA playoffs hopes dwindling, Jalen Rose and David Jacoby assess the wreckage and gauge the long-term value of LeBron James and the rest of the Lake Show’s roster.

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23 thoughts on “LeBron is only Lakers player secure after 'disappointing' season – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

  1. lakers were fucking garbage team without lebron. Any of you part time basketball fans who think that bron should be traded you're a fucking dummy. lebron made LA relevant. Without lebron LA goes back to being the shit team it was without lebron. With him they had a sliver of chance of making the playoffs with bunch of fucking scrubs

  2. Just shows how much weaker the Eastern conference use to be. LeBron had an arguably less talented team in Cleveland the last two season, but still makes the playoffs.

  3. I stopped watching Laker highlights a while ago. It's just not cohesive basketball and a lot of bad defense. The player rotation has never made sense this season either nor the trades, a lot of question marks.

  4. I just dont think like everyone else. The lakers sucked last year. Lebron came, they became 5th in the west!!! He gets injured they lose almost every game. Then trade rumours destroyed team morale! Now, injury to other players is killing playoff chances, and some how this is all lebrons fault!? Oh, and he's a horrible teammate and locker room cancer!? Honestly, if lebron didnt get injured, we would be having a completely different discussion. But i think next year will be much better, just be patient!!!

  5. So all the Lebron fans that stayed saying that Kobe was this and Kobe was that a d Lebron would do better with the Lakers see it all unfold. Its a lot of pressure, especially when you give it your all and your teammates don't.

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