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Lake Okeechobee bed fishing

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I will show you a deadly method of caching spawning bass when you can’t see them. Light floro line and no weight on a 5 ” senko can be a great combination. Find the right bottom, the right depth, the right water clarity and the right cover and you are into a major spawn on the full moons and new moons of February, March and April !

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  1. After catching a spawning Bass. Do we know for sure that they go right back to their original bed to continue to protect it? I'm just curious what happens after you release them.
    Great Videos.
    Be Safe and God Bless.

  2. Catching Largemouth Bass off the bed is Fun and Easy. My wife is amazed how I do it when she just can’t even catch just one off of a bed. She gets really nervous and impatient but it will happen if she does not quit trying. It is like stealing fish. Put that Buck Bass in the live well and that female will bite pretty soon. Practice Catch and Release of course.

  3. Hey Roland I love the vid but I am a bit concerned about how easily you get out of breath. You are a legend and we want you super healthy so you may want to get your cardiovascular system checked. Im not being negative or picking I promise. I am in the fitness rehab business and getting out of breath that easily is a big deal. Hell if you need help just IM me and we can talk about simple home programs that can help that stamina and vo2 max. I want to watch your vids for another 20 years(!) so if you want please reach out. No charge or bull and I won't demand a shout out. I just think I can help. Hope all is well and look forward to helping you.

  4. Hey Roland, I'll be fishing there my first time in July. I use my own Jigs and trailers. How would i do with that there? I am up waaay North and i started using my own. I have caught more large fish then ever before in my 50yrs of Bass fishing with my Jigs.I gave my son all my lures since.

  5. I love to fish! I just think it's wrong to fish during spawning season it's almost like cheating. And you're leaving an unprotected nest that the Sunfish get into after while you have less and less Bass even though you're not keeping what you catch you are disrupting the nest

  6. I used to watch these types of shows with my grandpa but normally I wouldn't watch this type of content; however it was suggested to me by Youtube and I haven't seen this type of show anywhere in such a long time I'll give it a go.

  7. Lived in Florida my entire life(Sarasota/Charlotte/DeSoto counties), love the gold Rapala classic floating minnow(Model 11) for bass. Usually works especially well in low light conditions and on creeks/rivers with lots of shade. Should give it a try.

  8. This popped up as "Creator on the rise". Lol, honestly I didn't know this guy was still alive and I mean no disrespect. I followed him 30 years ago, I just forgot until I saw his unforgettable name again.

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  10. 😂😂thats wat it takes.. ya thats wat its about!! Hey it really is tho! Fishing is by far my fav hobby nothin like catching a fat fighting bass 😏🎣

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