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Kyrgios Defeats Zverev, Wins Acapulco Title! | Acapulco 2019 Final Highlights

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Nick Kyrgios got back in the winner’s circle by winning a massive title in Acapulco… Watch official ATP tennis streams all year round:

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20 thoughts on “Kyrgios Defeats Zverev, Wins Acapulco Title! | Acapulco 2019 Final Highlights

  1. To everyone commenting on the crowd booing on Nick that’s just not true, during the Nadal match he shouted “shut the fuck up” to the people several times in the match, it was quiet audible and also the underhand serve was not very liked, so he turned everyone against him, got worse on the Wawrinka match, when he was presented he was booed and for most of the match didn’t receive too much applause or support, after the first set things started to change after he missed easy balls but managed to stay cool and went on to fire some cracking forehands and eventually won the match, on the interview he thanked the few people that cheered for him and showed lots of composure, on the Isner match again he was so calmed after losing the second set and eventually winning the match, this time he was not booed, everyone one the stadium was on his side, so yes he can be liked when he plays his best, keeps his cool and acts mature enough,needless to say, the final was just glory, just constantly drop shoted Zverev, cracked every forehand and served HUGE, there was nothing Alexander could do to compete, and every single person on the crowd cheered for him, he won all the hearts of the mexican crowd…Trust me, I was there

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  3. Every other players … Wawrinka , Isner Zverev were grateful at the net during Acupulco run against Krygios , But Nadal embarrassed himself totally by talking out of point just because he was smashed , Head to head still counting for Krygios vs Nadal, lol

  4. "Why doesn't he look happy?" Asks everybody who doesn't understand Kyrgios.

    People, Kyrgios isn't out there to win. He's out there to prove to himself that he is better than all of it. That he's better than his opponent, better than the fans, better than tennis. That's why he doesn't care.

    This is also why Kyrgios is such a paradox, because if he wins, he is satisfied, NOT happy, just satisfied that he was also able to prove that he is better than himself. And if he doesn't, he defeats only himself.

    Kyrgios is the type of guy that finds happiness in the feeling of what he's doing. If he's around friends, if he feels like everything is chill and nice for him, he will be happy. If he's playing a friend of his, or a guy he respects and admires. If he hits an incredible shot. He doesn't care about the score. He just wants to know he can do whatever he wants and have it be beneficial to him. This is part of the fun. Fun is happiness.

    He sees a lot of these attitudes around competitiveness and tennis as fake.

    Nick has had issues in the past, as he's chosen to say things that shouldn't have been said. But other than that, he is, and has been what he is. He is, in my opinion, the next most talented player to ever step on a tennis court. He's not the best, but he could be. And only playing with this cold-blooded attitude will bring him the entire length.

    That's why he doesn't 'look' happy.

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