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Kevin Durant: ‘It would be perfect’ if we could sweep the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals | ESPN

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Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant sits down with Rachel Nichols to discuss what it would mean for him to potentially sweep the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals.

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32 thoughts on “Kevin Durant: ‘It would be perfect’ if we could sweep the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals | ESPN”

  1. Wow what Kevin Durant has overcome from being an mvp to joining a team with a two time mvp and 2 other all stars that set the regular season win record he sure has shown how much of a FUCKING SNAKE HE IS BITCH

  2. This is the first time that I tuned out the NBA final because of boredness. Without KD this would have been a wonderful final. I really loved the rivalry between Curry and Lebron and some guy ruins it all.

  3. Congrats kd being 2x champs & 2x fmvp. Now i dare you to go to a team with only 1 all-star and win in all the way… i dare you, accept my challenge…

  4. Thanks to you KD now 'Bron will shake the already imbalance league to an even worst landscape… NBA teams should be reduced to 10 and games to 30 once 'Bron decides to join Houston, San Antonio or even Boston!

    Fucking 🐍!

  5. Its cute kd won no mvp when Steph legit should have got it.. Kd was quite as fuck through the post season let alone the finals.. Weak ads cupcake.. I need approval from my peers. Yeah they said join bitch cause you not gonna get it your self hahhaaaaaababb King Mutha Fuckin James Bitch..

  6. Another faggot athlete that goes to a team loaded with talent. Just like LeBron when he went to Miami with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. Fucking punks couldn’t shine my shoes.

  7. I'm sorry but I just can't and never will respect this guy. Such a follower, had to join a stacked team to be a champion. I don't see it. You're not the best.

  8. Comparing Lebron leaving a sorry ass Cavs team to join the Heat to make a mediocre team into a superteam with Durant leaving an amazingly talented team to join the 73-9 Warriors finals-contender best-in-the-league team that he has blown a 3-1 lead to? Is that how bandwagoner logic works?

  9. Kd will never be the goat cause he snaked okc and took the easy way to a ring. It’s the most bitch move joining a team that beat you in the wcf and it’s just unfair. Not only is he a snake he’s ruining the nba.

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