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Kevin Durant 'is not playing the villain role well' – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen Rose and David Jacoby break down the Los Angeles Clippers shocking comeback victory over the Golden State Warriors in Game 2. Jalen says Patrick Beverley and the Clippers defense have done a masterful job of disrupting Kevin Durant’s rhythm, but KD also has to do a better job of keeping his composure.

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44 thoughts on “Kevin Durant 'is not playing the villain role well' – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

  1. KD could care less about what “role” the media labels him as. He’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Everybody now is saying for him to post Beverly, shoot over the top (aka iso ball). Okay, last year vs the Rockets when CP3 was playing the same way, that’s exactly what KD did. He had 37 and 38 gm1&2, but was criticized for playing too much iso ball and not allowing Steph or Kalyan to get into a rhythm. The media doesn’t know what they want from him, they just like to bitch about him.

  2. Why is jalen talking some billshit villain role about KD, when he knows kerr is sacrificing KD's all around game, in order to keep his team halfway usefull, this shit is retarded, if anybody think Kevin Durant can be held in check by fucking patrick beverly your a damn fool, if you drop KD on the block they gonna double KD and he simply has no knockdown shooters besides steph n klay the clips are leaving iggy Livingston looney bogut wide open, kerr needs to set the pindown screen for KD let him catch n shoot or work iso before the clips ride out of the series with KD getting all of 8 shots in another playoff game and fucking losing because steph is 2-9 in the 4th again PLEASE MR
    KERR let KD be KD don't let your pride tell you to live with curry jacking up 3 after bullshit 3 in the 4th when his ass gets tight then that bullshit shot aint falling for him or klays robotic ass, i see why KD didn't want to talk to the FUCKING media, for what let steph explain this bullshit let kerr and klay explain this garbage why lou is flame broiling both their asses lol GOD FUCKING DAMN this shit is pethetic, let the best player on the planet work get out the way and learn how to run a team as a point guard, shooting 3's only takes you out of rythm as an offense after you make or miss the shit, i swear this is billshit, fuck steph curry klay and ya momma also, thanks for coming out, GOOD NIGHT!!!

  3. It happend couse this is a team sport and you have to now that team which has ali star players will not win when ever you say, team has to play like a team not every one for him self and for the stats. Some times team which is playing like a team and players giving their Best win. The end of your dinasty is coming soon

  4. When the warriors win they praise Steph. When the Warriors lose they blame KD. How come Steph doesn't get any blame for the lost. What was Steph doing when the lead got cut to under single digits. I thought Steph was the leader and best player on the team.

  5. I kind of like villain KD , considering the fact you in the media never give him the benefit of the doubt on anything , yet are infatuated with Lebron James

  6. If he takes more, Warriors fans will accuse him of playing hero ball/ iso. Now they still blame him for taking lesser shots. Unfair. KARMA..i know from the begin the warriors NEED KD MORE thn KD need the warriors ahhaahah

  7. No one is mentioning the the Warriors are nowhere near the athletes the Clippers are. Beverly Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell played with an unbelievable amount of energy the whole game. The Warriors got tired.

  8. He’s not playing the point guard role well. He’s one of the greatest scorers in history, wtf is doing shooting only 8 times trying to be 7 foot Steve Nash out there? You’re a scorer not a passer smh

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