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Kawhi Leonard will not play againsst the Lakers and Lebron

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Kawhi Leonard injury to his foot will cause him to miss the game against the Los Angeles lakers. #kawhileonard #nba #espn

34 thoughts on “Kawhi Leonard will not play againsst the Lakers and Lebron”

  1. He jammed his foot but practice today so he might play but it depends because the Raptors on a back-to-back against the Jazz on Monday and Kawhi ain't been playing on back-to-backs so far this season.

  2. If the Lakers win, they're going to say, well Kawhi Leonard didn't play. I think the Lakers have a good chance tonight to beat Toronto. If they're not to tired from playing Portland. They almost lost that game. It's hard to figure out these Lakers.

  3. Maybe cause Kawhi is a one year rental with Raptors planning on joining that bumm!!!! James next season this is formulating LBJ plans on getting his final ring off course I wish he don't succeed

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